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  • Classroom News 5-11-18

    Posted by Mrs. Evans on 5/12/2018

    Our class had a wonderful time on our Moraine Hills field trip! Even though it was chilly, the rain stayed away and we were able to get a great hike in!  Check out our Twitter feed at the bottom of this page to see some photos!


    Math:  This week we focused on metric and Customary system conversions.  We focused on using different conversion charts as tools to help us with these conversions.


    Social Studies:  The students reviewed the similarities and differences between the Loyalists and Patriots of the American Revolution. They then chose one historical figure from our textbook and researched why they believed in independence or why they were against it.  They then created a script in which they took on the point of view of the Loyalist or Patriot that they researched and created a ChatterKids project (iPad app).  


    Science:  We finished our investigation on levers this week.  We focused on what happened when the load moved further from the fulcrum, but the position of the effort stayed the same.  Be sure to ask your child what our big ideas were from this investigation!



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  • Classroom News

    Posted by Carissa Evans on 5/4/2018

    We have had a busy week in fifth grade!  Please see below for our learning highlights.


    Math:  We finished Unit 7 this week.  We focused on reviewing order of operations including using our GEMDAS strategy (Groupings, Exponents, Multiplication/Division, Addition/Subtraction) in order to solve a variety of expressions.  We also reviewed using a coordinate grid including plotting points and naming ordered pairs.  The students are finishing up their name grids and we even played order of operations BINGO!


    Social Studies:  This week we began Chapter 11 in which students are comparing and contrasting the Loyalists and Patriots.  We focused on the chapter's vocabulary as well as overall characteristics of Loyalists and Patriots.  Next week we will learn about specific historical figures on both sides of the American Revolution.


    Science:  We began our levers and pulleys unit this week.  This week we focused on creating a level and learning where on the lever we had to put the least amount of effort in to lift the load.  The students determined that when they were closer to the fulcrum, it was more difficult to lift the load than when they were farther away from it.  We will continue this investigation next week.


    Upcoming Important Dates:

    5/9- Nick's Pizza Night

    5/11- Moraine Hills Field Trip

    5/18- Bowlero Field Trip

    5/21- Fifth Grade Breakfast Celebration

    5/22- Fly Up Day

    5/23- Dairy Queen Field Trip

    5/24- Author's Day

    5/25- Field Day

    5/28- Memorial Day No School

    6/1- Last Day of Schoolflower


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  • Thank you!

    Posted by Mrs. Evans on 4/27/2018

    Thank you to all of the families who were able to make it out to Open House last night!  I hope you enjoyed seeing your child's projects and accomplishments throughout the course of the school year!  In the coming weeks, please be sure to check your child's assignment notebook and our class website for reminders about upcoming events, field trips, and other information as we have so many special events going on.  Thank you for your support at home!


    colored pencils

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  • Classroom Updates

    Posted by Mrs. Evans on 4/24/2018

    We have so many important information and events fifth grade in the coming weeks!  Please see the information below.


    Open House/Book Fair:  The students are so excited to share their projects with you!  They have put forth so much effort this school year and Open House is the perfect showcase for their work!  We hope you can join us on Thursday, April 26th from 6:30-8 PM.  During this time, the book fair will also be going on including with a special deal of purchasing one book and getting one free!  Please see the flyer sent home for more information.  Hope to see you on Thursday evening!


    Accelerated Math Placement Test:  Our class will be taking the accelerated math placement test on Thursday, April 26th.  This test is one component that is looked at in determining your child's math class for 6th grade.  We discussed in class that the best way to prepare for this test is to get a good night's rest and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning.  Your child's math class placement will be communicated home towards the end of May.  More information will be shared later in May.


    MAP Testing:  Spring MAP testing is right around the corner!  Our class will be MAP testing on Tuesday, May 1st (ELA test) and Wednesday May 2nd (Math test).  The best way for your child to prepare for these tests is to get a good night's rest and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning.  I encourage your child to try their best!


    Family Game Night:  Canterbury's PTO will be hosting a family game night on Monday, April 30th from 6-8:30 PM.  Bring your family to school along with your favorite board game to enjoy an evening with family and friends!  There will be a treat at the end of the night!  Hope to see you there!


    Morraine Hills Field Trip: This permission slip will be sent home today.  The fifth graders will be going to their special fifth grade field trip to Morraine Hills on Friday, May 11th.  The field trip form and fee is due back on Monday, 4/30.  More information to come!


    Bowlero Field Trip:  Just a friendly reminder that this field trip will be on Friday, May 18th.  We are so excited to take this special PBIS field trip for good behavior!  More information to come!


    Fly Up Day:  The fifth graders will be going to the middle schools they will be attending on Tuesday, May 22nd.  They will get to learn about 6th grade as well as eat lunch in the cafeteria.  Your child may choose to pack a lunch that day or purchase one from the cafeteria.  They may also bring a few dollars if they want to buy a snack/treat from the snack line.  Reminders will be shared closer to the date!

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  • Middle School Parent Panels Reminder

    Posted by Mrs. Evans on 4/11/2018

    Just a reminder that Middle School Parent Panels are coming up including one tonight at Hannah Beardsley Middle School.  This is a great opportunity for fifth grade parents to learn about middle school through this parent panel discussion.  You can attend any session regardless of which middle school your child will be attending next year as the sessions will be the same.  The dates and times are listed below.  


    April 11, 2018 @HBMS 6:30-7:30
    April 19, 2018 @LMS  6:30-7:30
    April 27, 2018 @RBMS  6:30-7:30
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  • Classroom News 4-6-18

    Posted by Mrs. Evans on 4/6/2018

    We have had a busy first week back from spring break!  Listed below are some highlights from our learning this week as well as important dates to keep in mind.  Have a great weekend!


    Language Arts:  The students have continued to writing their fractured fairy tales this week.  They chose a traditional fairy tale to base their narrative writing off of and then created a fractured version of it by changing the point of view, characters, setting, or other aspects of the story's events.  They are making sure to include an element of 3, magical characteristics, and a theme or lesson.  The students are focusing on including figurative language, powerful word choice, dialogue, and descriptive details. 


    Math:  We continued our learning in Chapter 6 this week.  We reviewed how to write word problems including strategies of how to create a word problem based on a given equation.  We also practiced using our CUBES strategy to check our work.  This week we also focused on different comparison word problems that include using either addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  


    Seesaw:  Before spring break, your child created a Seesaw account in order to create an online portfolio of projects and activities they are working on in class.  This is a work in progress as we are learning more about this creative online platform each each.  Your child brought home a QR code that is individualized to their Seesaw portfolio so that you can create your parent account in order to view their work.  I am sending home an extra copy of that code today.


    Family Reading Night:  Family Reading Night at Canterbury will be on Thursday, April 12th from 6:30-7:30 PM.  Bring your family for a Grand Slam night of reading activities and fun!  There will even be a raffle with prizes!



    Dates to Remember:

    4/9- Field Trip Permission Slips/Fees due (Bowerlo and HBMS Play)

    4/12- Family Reading Night at Canterbury 6:30-7:30 PM

    4/20- Field Trip to HBMS Play

    4/25- Early Release 2 PM

    4/26- Open House 6:30-8 PM



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  • Classroom News 3-23-18

    Posted by Carissa Evans on 3/23/2018

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful and relaxing spring break!  School resumes on 4/2.  




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  • Classroom News 3-16-18

    Posted by Mrs. Evans on 3/16/2018

    The students have been doing a good job at being focused and putting forth their best effort on their PARCC tests!  Because they have been working so hard during the day, there will be no math homework during PARCC testing days.  


    Language Arts:  We have begun to analyze plot elements and points of view between traditional fairy tales and fractured fairy tales.  We compared and contrasted three different versions of The Three Little Pigs including a traditional version, The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, and The Three Ninja Pigs.  We then analyzed other traditional and fractured fairy tales to come up with characteristics within this genre.  The students shared their thinking on a Padlet response.  Finally, we brainstormed ideas as a class for their own fracture fairy tales that they will begin planning for next week.  


    Math:  We just began Unit 6 which focused on word problems including multi-step word problems.  This week we reviewed word problems that include either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.  We reviewed our CUBES strategy as well as how to include a visual model along with an equation for each problem.  There was no math homework this week due to PARCC testing.  


    Have a great weekend!




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  • Classroom News 3-9-18

    Posted by Mrs. Evans on 3/9/2018 2:00:00 PM

    We have had a great week in fifth grade!  See below for some learning highlights from our week as well as PARCC testing information.


    Social Studies:  The students have been hard at work on their 3D colony balloons.  They are making sure to include meaningful text features with captions.  I am excited to hang them up in our classroom and the fifth grade pod.  


    Language Arts:  We are beginning a unit on fairy tales and fractured fairy tales.  The students are analyzing fairy tale story structure including plot elements and figurative language.  We also spent some time this week completing an ELA PARCC practice test as well as playing a Kahoot game to review important language arts vocabulary.


    Math:  This week we spent some time reviewing different 5th grade math concepts in order to prepare for the PARCC test.  We took a practice math PARCC test and played a Kahoot game to review as well.


    PARCC Information:  The PARCC test is quickly approaching.  Listed below are the testing dates for our class.  The best way to prepare for the PARCC test is to get a good night’s rest and eat a good breakfast in the morning.  Our class discussed test taking strategies as well as looking at these tests as an opportunity to show our academic skills and progress.  The students are focusing on trying their best and showing what they have learned so this year.

    Mrs. Evans’ Testing Schedule:

    Mon. March 12- ELA test

    Tues.  March 13- ELA test

    Wed. March 14- ELA test

    Thurs. March 15- Math test

    Fri. March 16- Math test

    Mon. March 19- Math test

    Tues. March 20- Math test

    Wed. March 21- Illinois Science Assessment (more information to come)


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  • Classroom News 2-23-18

    Posted by Mrs. Evans on 2/23/2018

    We had another great week in fifth grade!  Here is what we have been working on these past two weeks. 


    Math:  In Unit 5, we have been focusing on division concepts with one and two-digit divisors and whole number dividends.  We have also been working on solving word problems in which the students need to interpret the remainder (ignore it, use it to round the quotient up, turn it into a fraction, turn it into a decimal, or the remainder is the answer).  We also began solving division problems in which the dividend is a decimal and the divisor is a whole number.  The students have been taking notes and solving example problems to practice these skills.  


    Language Arts:  The students have been focusing on reading strategies to help them determine at least 2 main ideas and supporting details in order to write a two paragraph summary.  Together, we read the text, Everglades Forever, and used the "Shrink-a-Text" strategy in order to determine the big idea from a section of a text and record it on a sticky note by writing "This chunk is about...".  Then we worked on using these sticky notes to help us determine two main ideas and write a class summary.  The students then read Quest for the Tree Kangaroo in partnerships and small groups while using our reading strategy.  They worked together to complete their graphic organizer and next week each student will independently write a two paragraph summary.


    Social Studies:  We began chapter 7 in our History Alive textbook.  This chapter is about the 13 original colonies.  Together, we analyzed key vocabulary terms using context clues to determine their meaning.  We also learned about the 3 colonial regions, the New England, Middle, and Southern regions.  The students then chose a colony to research and will write a 3 paragraph informative summary on their research.  Next week, the students will begin creating their 3D colony balloons!


    Science:  The students worked in their science teams to learn about salt water solutions.  They also worked on separating a solution using the evaporation process.  Finally, they observed the crystals that formed after the water evaporated from their salt water solution.  


    PARCC Testing:  Fifth grade will begin PARCC testing on March 12th.  More information to come regarding testing dates.  

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