• Coventry Clubs & Activities



    Coordinator: Mrs. Sedevic

    Grade Levels: 5th Grade

    In the spring of their 4th grade year, students have the opportunity to try out instruments to find what suits them. In the fall, full band meets one morning a week and one time a week during the school day to practice. There are several band performances throughout the school year. Click here to view the District 47 band website and to obtain a sign-up form to register for band.



    Technology Club

    Coordinator: Ms. Frank

    Grade Levels: 4th and 5th Grade

    Goal/Objectives of Technology Club:

    • Provide Coventry Elementary School students with a safe environment for inquiry, discovery and critical thinking skills.
    • Encourage students to develop a deeper understanding of technology as a learning tool by exposing them to a variety of websites and technology applications.
    • Promote technology integration at Coventry Elementary School by shaping students into technology leaders within the classroom.


    Mileage Club

    Coordinator: Mr. Hightower

    Grade Levels: 1st through 5th

    Goal/Objectives of Mileage Club

    • Students have the opportunity for 6 weeks in the fall during their lunch recess to walk, jog, or run the Coventry track.  Students can earn a Mileage Club bracelet with foot charms as they complete mileage goals.  Students track their laps and set mileage goals over the six weeks. On average roughly 100 students complete 5 miles or more.


    Sports Intramural

    Coordinator: Mr. Hightower

    Grade Levels: 4th Grade

    Goal/Objectives of Sports Intramural

    • These activities are provided to enhance the athletic ability of our 4th grade students while providing them an opportunity to be team players in a social setting.  
    • Open to both girls and boys the intramural is twice a week for 4 weeks in May starting at 7:50am.  Each day students participate in a different sport either indoor or outdoor.



    Coordinator: Mrs. Sanchez

    Grade Levels: 5th Grade

    Goal/Objectives of Patrols:

    • Assist staff members in controlling the flow of students after school.
    • Monitor behavior expectations for school dismissal.


    Student Council

    Coordinator: Mrs. Sanchez

    Grade Levels: 4th and 5th Grade

    Goal/Objectives of Student Council:

    • Provide students the opportunity to be active citizens within our school community.
    • Provide students with leadership roles within the school community.