BlueAdvantage HMO Plan

    The BAHMO plan is moving from the Generics Plus drug list to the Perfomance drug List


    Performance Drug List


    Some member’s benefit plans will be based on the Performance Drug List.


    • If this applies to you, all available covered drugs are shown on the printed list. Drugs that are not shown are not covered.


    • If you are taking or are prescribed a drug that will no longer be covered, ask your doctor about therapeutic alternatives. Your doctor can also request a formulary coverage exception from BCBSIL (unless you have a benefit exclusion).



    • Some drugs may move to a higher payment level tier. These drugs may still be eligible for coverage, but you may pay a higher copay or coinsurance amount, based on your benefit plan.


    • If you are taking or are prescribed one of the drugs affected by these tier changes, ask your doctor if a generic drug or lower-cost alternative drug is right for you. Depending on your prescription drug benefit, these drugs may cost you less.