• Woods Creek Events & Activities 


    Special School Events include Olympic Day and musical performances.


    Band- All 5th grade students are able to participate in band. In the spring of their 4th grade year, students have the opportunity to try out instruments to find what suits them. Band meets two mornings a week and once a week during the school day to practice. There are several band performances throughout the school year. Mrs. Sedivec is our band director and can be contacted at mrsedivec@d47.org. Click here to view the District 47 band website and to obtain a sign-up form to register. 


    musical notes


    Recycling Club- Recycling Club provides 5th graders the opportunity to help our environment. Student recycling team members are responsible for emptying classroom and office recycling bins during the school day after lunch.  Our recyclers are divided into teams and rotate these responsibilities during the year.  Mrs. Barrett coordinates our recycling: mmbarrett@d47.org.


    Running Club

    Running Club- This PTO sponsored club for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students meets weekly after school in the spring months. Students run laps to build endurance for the annual Feet Meet race, make friends and have fun! Please contact Stacey Lorenz: lorenz623@aol.com or Maggie Brereton: drbrereton@gmail.com with questions.

    Safety Patrols- A club that provides 5th graders the opportunity to help keep our school safe. Student responsibilities include helping primary students during arrival and dismissal and assisting all students as they walk to and from school.  Students can participate before and/or after school depending on their availbility.  Contact Mrs. Juliano with questions: dljuliano@d47.org.