• North Elementary Events & Activities 


    Running Club

    Running Club- This PTO sponsored club meets weekly after school during the fall & spring months. K-5 students run laps in the hopes of building endurance, friendships & fun! Transportation is not provided.

    Chess Club- This North School sponsored after school club provides chess game play to third, fourth, and fifth grade students. All ability levels are welcome. The first weeks are devoted to teaching the basics and practicing playing games. After the basics are mastered, tournament play begins. Students are split into divisions in order to ensure that beginners are not playing against advanced players during the tournament. The ultimate goal is to learn the basics and have fun! Transportation is not provided.

    Strategy Game Club- Strategy Game Club provides mind-challenging games after school to students in 2nd-5th grade. This offers students the opportunity to use offensive and defensive strategies when playing games like: Mancala, Chess, Blokus, etc... Transportation is not provided.


    Student Council
    Student Council- Student Council is open to students in 4th and 5th grade. Elected students participate in monthly meetings on items to improve the school & promote charitable acts.

    Safety Patrol- A club that provides 5th graders interested in keeping the school safe with just that opportunity. Student jobs include: raising/lowering the flag, playground support in the morning and during dismissal in bus lines and helping primary students enter/leave the building during arrival/dismissal.


    Wee Deliver
    Wee Deliver-North School sponsors its very own postal system. 2nd-5th graders may apply to be employees. Jobs include: mail carrier, postal worker trainer,Nixie Clerk, etc.

    Xtra Math Club- This club provides K-5 students with a "before school" opportunity to practice math fact building on computers & iPads. It is a first-come, first-served daily opportunity beginning in late fall/early winter through the end of the year. Transportation is not provided.

    Geocaching Club- This afterschool club is open to students in 3rd-5th grade. Join teachers on adventures in geocaching.


    Earth Club
    eARTh Club- Someone's trash becomes your treasure! Join the art teacher in taking recycled items and turing them into fun projects! It is open to students in 5th grade. Transportation is not provided.

    Poetry Club- 5th grade students have the oportunity to write and study poetry with the final culmination being a Poetry Slam or Poetry Cafe.





    Band- All 5th grade students are able to participate in band. In the spring of their 4th grade year, students have the opportunity to try out instruments to find what suits them. In the fall, full band meets one morning a week and one time a week during the school day to practice. There are several band performances throughout the school year. Click here to view the District 47 band website and to obtain a sign-up form to register for band.

    Jump Rope Club- This PTO sponsored club is open to students in grades 1-5. Students learn the art & technique to jump roping, and the ending result is a jump rope performance for the parents. There are a limited number of spaces available, so it is first-come, first-served.