• Glacier Ridge Events & Activities 



    All 4th and 5th grade students are invited to participate in choir.  Choir meets one morning a week and performs several times throughout the year.





    All 5th grade students are able to participate in band. In the spring of their 4th grade year, students have the opportunity to try out instruments to find what suits them. In the fall, full band meets one morning a week and one time a week during the school day to practice. There are several band performances throughout the school year. Click here to view the District 47 band website and to obtain a sign-up form to register for band.



    Student Council

    It is a philanthropic organization; students in grades 3-5 are elected by their peers through a democratic process. (Upcoming meeting dates are TBD.)



    5th grade students apply for different jobs to help facilitate safety in our building.



    Wee Deliver

    Students in grades 3-5 apply for positions in our school postal system organized through our PTA. Students are responsible for collecting, sorting and delivering mail throughout our building.  Glacier Ridge students love to write!  Click here to obtain your job application for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you would like to send your student mail please click this link to obtain a listing of classroom addresses.



    5th grade students meet on a regular basis during recess to create dance routines.  Throughout the school year, dances are performed for our students and families. 


    Super Crew

    A 5th grade crew is selected by teachers to help with jobs designated by Mr. Miguel or Mr. Jacobsen that need to be completed throughout the school year.


    Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Players

    5th grade students are able to audition for parts or apply for crew positions in our annual musical sponsored by the PTA.


    Variety Show

    All 4th and 5th grade students are invited to audition for our annual Variety Show held in the spring.


    Roaring Runners

    Glacier Ridge students, grades 1 thru 5, have the opportunity to run during recess.  Parent volunteers track the laps students run to meet their goals.  Students are announced throughout the year as they achieve marathon status. Click here for more detailed information the upcoming Roaring Runners Season.  Click this link to obtain a Runners Release Waiver and/or volunteer sign  up.



    Stack of books 

    Glacier Ridge Reads

    Glacier Ridge staff volunteer their time throughout the summer and school year to open the library to all Glacier Ridge families for the promotion of lifelong literacy.



    Collection Case

    Calling all collectors.  Do you collect something special or interesting you would like to share with your school?  Complete this form for an opportunity to show off your collection in the Glacier Ridge collection case just outside the Learning Center.