Health Services and Directory

  • District 47's health services staff is comprised of certified school nurses who serve as district nurses in a consultative role for their assigned schools. At the building level, health offices are staffed with a combination of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and health aides. All qualified staff work together to support student, staff and community wellness and safety in the school environment. 

  • District Nurses
    Amy Belrichard, MSN, RN, PEL-NCSN
    Hannah Beardsley (Oasis)
    North (BT)
    South (Transitional Kindergarten / Aspire)
    815.356.2553 voicemail
    Kathleen Supert, MS, RN, PEL-NCSN
    Glacier Ridge (Adjusted Learning / Oasis)
    Wehde Early Childhood Center (Diagnostics)
    West (Transitional Kindergarten)
    815.788.3101 voicemail
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