• Food Service with Sodexo

    Effective with the 2015-16 school year, District 47 is excited to announce its partnership with Sodexo, a progressive, worldwide food services company. Since 1966, Sodexo has been providing healthy, nutritious meals based on USDA guidelines for students and staff. Sodexo’s goal is to be a leader in supporting student engagement and improving quality of life for the entire school community.


    Sodexo’s Serving Up LUNCH 

    Eat 5 a Day Lunch is the fuel that powers a student’s achievement. Research shows that with proper nutrition, students perform better in school, feel happier and are healthier. The school lunch program at Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 includes a range of offerings to ensure that students have access to the nutritious meals they need to be engaged in learning, develop healthy habits, and lead healthy and productive lives. Lunch hours vary by building. To view your child’s lunch hours, visit the school’s “About Us” section of the website and click on either Building Hours (elementary schools) or Master Schedule (middle schools).


    Don’t Forget BREAKFAST

    Fruit Mornings are rushed and students don’t always have time to eat breakfast at home. Sodexo’s got it covered with hot and cold, fresh and delicious breakfast options that will jumpstart your student’s day. New for the 2016-17 school year are Breakfast Smoothies! Remember: If your student receives free lunch, breakfast is free, too! Breakfast is served daily (M-F) for elementary students from 8:30am-8:50am and for middle school students from 7:15am-7:35am. 


    Breakfast and lunch menus will be posted in both English and Spanish on Sodexo’s website (see link to right). Besides menus, you’ll find other useful information on Sodexo’s website, including national news about student nutrition, healthy recipes, local community news, videos, student well-being information, and accessibility to Sodexo’s nutrition and wellness team.


    We think you will be pleased with Sodexo’s offerings and encourage you to visit their website. As we make this transition, we want to hear from you and value your feedback. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Sodexo’s general manager Katherine Wicinski at 815.788.5096 or kewicinski@d47.org.