2021-22 COVID-19 Dashboard

  • The 2021/22 COVID Dashboards present a variety of information for those that are interested.


    • On the IDPH/MCDH dashboard, metrics regarding incident rate and positivity rate are shown with the 20/21 rates in blue and the 21/22 rates in red on the same graph. This allows the viewer to see the difference in rates between the two years. Note: some metrics were not tracked or published throughout the entire 2020/21 year so comparisons may not be available at certain times of the year.
    • On the Local/D47 Data dashboards, we have compiled the metrics that schools monitor in consultation with their local health department: vaccination rate, transmission rate, and outbreaks. 


    These dashboards will be updated weekly throughout the 2021/22 school year unless otherwise specified. You can navigate to either the IDPH/MCDH or local/D47 data dashboard using the menu to the left.