Class Updates

  • Remote Learning

    Posted by Adam Clavey on 3/31/2020

    As we move to remote learning for a time, I wanted to let you know where plans and resources will be found.  Google Classroom will be where daily plans can be found.  Many other resources, links, and assignments will also be on Google Classroom.  Occasionally students will be directed to other websites like SeeSaw, Khan Academy, Freckle, etc.  


    We are going to try and use Zoom to communicate through live video at certain times during remote learning.  Links to the Zoom meeting will be in the daily plan document found in Google Classroom.  We will also be trying to use a daily classroom thread through Google Chat, so I can answer student's questions throughout the day.


    Parents can continue to communicate with me through email.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.  This is a learning experience for everyone, and we are in it together!

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  • SeeSaw

    Posted by Adam Clavey on 10/5/2019

    If you would like to stay up to date with our classroom, please connect to Seesaw using this link,  Updates, information, and pictures will be shared through email and Seesaw updates.

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  • Classroom Update

    Posted by Adam Clavey on 5/3/2019

    Classroom Update

    April 29th - May 10th

    Reading: After finishing our poetry at the beginning of the week, we have moved on to informational texts.  At the end of the year, we will be revisiting opinion texts and narrative non-fiction. We will be working on craft and structure by looking at text structure, tone, and mood.

    Writing: We finished revising and editing an opinion piece.  Next week we will be revising an editing a narrative piece from the 2nd trimester.  We will be making sure we are using figurative language and that our stories have a clear plot.

    Math:  Unit 7 assessments have been handed back.  Many students did very well with the graphing portion of the test.  Overall, students did not perform as expected with expressions based on previous quizzes and practice.  After reviewing, I gave another quiz on expressions, and students did much better. In unit 8 is all about measurement and geometry.

    S.S./Sci: This week students completed two experiments involving levers.  They explored the relationship between effort and where the parts of the lever are located.  Next week we will be taking a quiz on class-1 levers. We will then switch to two weeks of social studies.


    • The District 47 Student Art Show open house reception is tonight!

    • May 3-14th is the Barn Nursery Shop N Share.

    • May 7th is the Spring Band Concert at LMS.

    • May 9th is Open House/Academic Night.

    • May 15th is an early release day.

    • May 15th is the Chick-fil-A Restaurant Night Fundraiser.

    • May 22nd is Fly Up Day.

    • May 24th is the end of year 5th-grade celebration at Xtreme Wheels

    • May 27th there is no school.

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  • Classroom Update

    Posted by Adam Clavey on 4/23/2019

    Classroom Update

    April 15th - 26th

    Reading: April is national poetry month.  Last week we started learning about how poetry is structured, and we learned about the different types of figurative language often used in poetry.  This week we are continuing to work with poems, working to have students independently analyze poems.

    Writing: This week we will be going back and revising and editing a previous opinion writing.  This will lead us to write one more opinion piece before the end of the year.

    Math: The unit 5 math test and two unit 7 quick quizzes have been handed back to students and placed in their math binders.  Tomorrow we will be taking the unit 7 assessment.  We will be moving on to unit 8, and we will come back to unit 6 before the end of the year.

    S.S./Sci: Students did a jigsaw to learn about the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.  Each student focused on and became a master of a certain aspect of the content and then taught other students what they learned.  Students learned a study strategy and practiced in class. At the end of the two weeks, they took a student-created assessment.  Next, we are switching to Science and learning about pulleys and levers.


    • April 24th is an early release day.
    • April 25th is Culver's Dine Night. 
    • April 26th is a special spirit day where students can dress up as a favorite book character or wear a book related shirt.
    • MAP testing begins May 2nd.
    • The District 47 Student Art Show open house reception will be held Friday, May 3rd at the Dole Mansion.
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  • Classroom Update

    Posted by Adam Clavey on 4/5/2019

    Classroom Update

    April 1st - 12th


    Reading: This week we practiced for the IAR test that students will be taking next week.  We practiced test-taking strategies. We used an old PARCC test and read two passages, answering comprehension questions and writing a response essay.  In our final reading unit, we will be focusing on information and opinion pieces. Please make sure your student is reading twenty minutes every night!

    Writing: Students were revising, editing, and publishing their magazines this week.  We will then move on to opinion writing to coincide with our reading unit.

    Math: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we took the IAR test.  Next week we will be starting Unit 8. We will be focusing on expressions and patterns.  Spring MAP testing is right around the corner. If you would like your student to have extra practice, Khan Mappers can be accessed at home.

    S.S./Sci: Students created a brochure, advertising a colonial region of their choice.  We learned about slavery in the colonies and created in an informational acrostic poem.  We are beginning to learn about the laws and taxes that led to the American Revolution.


    • Saver’s fundraiser is tomorrow from 9-11.
    • Expedition to Encores is April 11 from 6:30 to 8:00
    • The District 47 Student Art Show open house reception will be held Friday, May 3 at the Dole Mansion

    Yearbook orders are due today.  You can order at South’s code is 101507821946978. The cost is $18.49.

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  • Jan 21 - Feb 1

    Posted by Adam Clavey on 2/1/2019

    Classroom Update

    Jan 21 - Feb 1


    Reading: In Unit four we are revisiting narrative texts.  We are learning about story elements, specifically plot. We worked on identifying themes in texts and compared and contrasted themes across texts.

    Writing: We are continuing to write a fairy tale.  We brainstormed common elements of fairy tales and came up with multiple ideas for a story.  The students chose one idea and developed their story through a graphic organizer. The students will continue to develop and revise their writing.

    Math: The unit 3 assessment and unit 4 quick quiz 1 are in the student’s math binders.  Students should be taking these binders home to complete their homework. We have been working on two-digit by two-digit multiplication and have expanded to multi-digit multiplication with decimals.

    S.S./Sci: Mixtures and Solutions is our current science unit.  The students created their own experiment procedure for finding the saturation point of citric acid.  We took a quiz on separating mixtures that has been graded and sent home. Next, we are moving on to concentration.


    • Students should have their first artifact uploaded to  Seesaw.  Make sure you are signed up, so you can see what your student is up to every week!
    • Family Math Night at Jewel Osco in Crystal Lake is February 26th from 6-7: 30 pm.
    • South is collecting travel sized toiletries for PADS as a part of kindness week.
    • February 15th is an early release day (noon dismissal).
    • February 18th there is no school for President’s Day.
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  • January 7th-18th

    Posted by Adam Clavey on 1/21/2019

    Classroom Update

    January 7th-18th


    Reading: In Unit four we are revisiting narrative texts.  We are learning about story elements, specifically plot.  We are also learning how authors use figurative language to enhance their writing.  We will also be working on identifying the theme of texts and finding the meaning of unknown words.

    Writing: We are taking the concepts learned in reading narratives and applying it to our writing.  We will be writing narrative pieces, focusing on description and use of figurative language.

    Math: We revisited Unit 3, coming back from winter break.  We made test corrections and reviewed key concepts from the unit.  Assessments will be sent home this week. Unit 4 covers division and multiplication with larger numbers and decimals.  We will first focus on two-digit by two-digit multiplication.

    S.S./Sci: Mixtures and Solutions is our new science unit.  We are learning the difference between mixtures and solutions and discovering how to separate them.  We will also be learning about the saturation and concentration of solutions.


    • Do not forget to sign up for Seesaw.  We will begin posting updates there soon, so don’t miss out!
    • Wednesday, January 23rd is an early release day.
    • Family Math Night at Jewel Osco in Crystal Lake is February 26th from 6-7: 30 pm.
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  • December 10 - 21

    Posted by Adam Clavey on 12/21/2018 4:00:00 PM

    Classroom Update

    December 10 - 21


    Reading: In Unit three we have been focusing on informational texts.  We have been practicing the skills of identifying the author’s purpose and summarizing.  Last week we read The Quest for the Tree Kangaroo.  This week we will be analyzing texts from the past two weeks to answer questions.

    Writing: We began a short informational piece last week based on Looking Closely by Frank Serafini.  The students will be finishing their piece and presenting to the class this week.

    Math: We are finishing up Unit 3 this week.  Unit 3 focused on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers.  It covered dividing with unit fractions. It also reviewed adding, subtracting, and comparing fractions.

    S.S./Sci: We just finished chapter 6 which covered the early English colonies of Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth.  We will take a break from social studies and will begin a new unit of science when we return from break.


    • This week is Spirit Week.  Students may dress up according to the following days:
      • Tuesday - Crazy Sweater Day
      • Wednesday - Holiday Sock and Hat Day
      • Thursday - Holiday T-Shirt Day
      • Friday - Dress Your Best Day
    • Do not forget to sign up for Seesaw.  We will begin posting updates there soon, so don’t miss out!

    District 47 will be giving the 5Essentials survey to all parents, staff and 4th-8th-grade students this year. If you have not yet, there is still time to take the survey.

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  • October 29th - November 9th

    Posted by Adam Clavey on 11/9/2018

    Classroom Update
    October 22nd - 26th

    Reading: Opinion is a significant focus in Unit two. We have been reading opinion articles, trying to identify the author’s opinion, reasons, and evidence. We have also been analyzing the author’s tone and word choice.

    Writing: We are currently working on a piece from the prompt, “I appreciate ___ because of ___”. We came up with two reasons and two examples to support each reason. This week we practice writing different introductions. We will be finishing the piece next week.

    Math: We are reviewing decimal place value while beginning to learn about fraction multiplication. While reviewing the unit two tests, I noticed a few things I wanted to reteach concerning place value. We will be taking a decimal place value quiz next week. That quiz will factor into the unit two test grade.

    S.S./Sci. The catapult investigation has been finished, bringing our variables unit to a close. We will do a little review and take a quiz next week. We will be moving on to a new unit of social studies next.

    District 47 will be giving the 5Essentials survey to all parents, staff and 4th-8th-grade students this year. While the staff and student survey aren’t available until mid-November, the parent survey is now open. Go here to take the survey
    District 47 is proud to support the Crystal Lake Food Pantry and looks forward to participating in the 2018 Community Harvest Food Drive. The food drive will run from 10/29-11/13.
    Our South Senator project that runs from November 14- December 14 is collecting new hats, scarves, mittens, and gloves for those in need. These items will be donated for distribution to Turning Point in Woodstock. Please have your donations to school by Friday, December 14th. Please put any donations on the tree in the front entrance way. Thank you for your help in making this project successful! Each person who donates gets 5 Sabre bucks!

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  • October 22 - 26

    Posted by Adam Clavey on 10/24/2018

    Classroom Update

    October 22nd - 26th


    Reading: We have wrapped up unit one in reading.  In unit two we will be reading informational texts, specifically opinion pieces.  Students should be reading 20 minutes a day at home.


    Writing: Our second narrative piece has been finished.  To go along with reading, we will be working on opinion writing.  We are continuing to develop our writing conventions, learning how to construct simple, compound, and complex sentences.


    Math: Unit two in math is flying by. We should be taking our test sometime next week.  Students have been doing a great job adding and subtracting decimals.


    S.S./Sci. We are finishing a stretch of social studies.  Chapter four and five test will be tomorrow. We have been studying why Europeans came to the New World and learning about different explorers.  I am hoping to get one more Science investigation in before the end of the trimester.



    • Early release day today
    • Thank you to those who have signed up for conferences.  If you still need to sign up, you can here.
    • The Erin’s Law presentation will be next week.  If you would like your student to opt out, please have your student bring the signed form to school.
    • The Halloween day parade will be October 31st from 2:20 - 2:45
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