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Forward 47 Strategic Planning 2017-18

  • Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 will engage in a strategic planning process called "Forward 47" during the 2017-18 school year to help shape the vision and mission of the District for the next five years. This process will be facilitated by the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) and will involve the participation of individuals from all stakeholder groups -- parents, staff, students, administrators, board members and community members. For a complete list of the strategic planning team members who are involved in this endeavor, see link at right.  


    Below are the five scheduled strategic planning meetings. Following each meeting, supporting documents and links will be posted to this web page for review. We invite all members of the community to check back often to review our progress and to share their feedback. Questions, comments and suggestions can be sent to Denise Barr, Coordinator of Community Relations, at dcbarr@d47.org or 815.788.5014.    


    "Forward 47" Strategic Planning Meetings
    (all held at the D47 Admin Building located at 300 Commerce Drive, Crystal Lake, IL)


    • August 30, 2017: Orientation
      • The Orientation session "paints the big picture” of the strategic planning process so that all strategic planning team members have a shared understanding of the process and their roles and responsibilities in helping the District set a clear direction for the future.
    • September 13, 2017: Data Retreat 
      • The strategic planning team will develop a shared understanding of the current situation of the District as identified through data. The outcome of the day is to paint a clear data picture of the District so that the strategic planning team can identify a SWOT analysis - what is working well (Strengths), what is not working well (Weaknesses), what are possible areas of need (Opportunities), and what are potential impacts (Threats). 
    • October 26, 2017: Vision Retreat  
      • The strategic planning team will develop a shared understanding of the current mission/vision/values/beliefs/ commitments and goals of the District and will look at best practice research that guides improvement. The outcome of the day is to paint a clear vision of where the District hopes to be in the future.
    • November 9, 2017: Setting Direction Retreat 
      • The strategic planning team works to provide a draft of the strategic vision/plan that can be shared with stakeholders to provide opportunities for input and feedback. 
    • December 13, 2017: Final Meeting
      • The purpose of the final meeting of the strategic plan team is to review feedback from stakeholders on the draft of the new plan and make any refinements to the plan before it is presented to the Superintendent who will recommend plan approval to the Board of Education.

    • Strategic Plan Recommendation

    • Living the Plan