• Tuesday, May 26



    Word Work


    Science/Social Emotional

    Encores: Art/Music/Gym/


    Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten

    -write/draw about what you loved most about kindergarten

    Seesaw activity: “Summer ABC Order”

    1.Balloon tap: Fill up a balloon and count how many times you can tap it up in the air


    2.Make story problems with objects around your house


    3.Addition jump: draw numbers 1-10 on the driveway with chalk. Have someone call out an addition problem within 10. Jump on the answer


    4.Addition slap: Same as addition jump, but write the answers on a large piece of paper, magnets on the fridge, or numbers hung up on the wall. Have someone call out an addition problem within 10. Slap the answer

    (Optional): Make a list of what you are most excited about for first grade


    Recreate your favorite Art Project you did at West this year or in previous years! Be Creative with the materials! 



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