• Weekly Newsletter:

    Posted by Sarah Grider on 10/31/2018 2:20:00 PM


    Happy May!  The students did a phenomenal job on the field trip yesterday.  They paid attention and learned about the Civil War years from the presenters.  Ask your child what was the favorite part of the day. Although it was cold and rainy, I really didn’t hear much complaining.  They were troopers!

    Math: Finishing up reviewing unit 8. MAP testing today.
    Reading: Opinion unit.  Finishing up immersion and reviewing concepts.  We will begin drafting next week., MAP testing tomorrow
    Social Studies: We will begin working on our Social Studies raps as a culminating activity.  Look for a future day and time to come hear our beats drop.
    Science: Engineering - If you have any craft popsicle sticks at home we could use some donated to the classroom.

    Coming home today: Medical forms for 6th grade. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Mrs. Hendrix.

    MAP Math today, MAP Reading tomorrow
    May 3rd: Body Walk during encores, Our first fifth grade Friday celebration: Bring a snack, blanket, flashlight for ELA time, ART SHOW AT THE DOLE MANSION
    Week of May 6-10: Teacher Appreciation Week (fliers coming home today)
    May 9th: Open House
    May 21st: Fly Up Day. Please make sure your student has returned the Fly Up Day permission slip from the Middle School


    If you’ve read this email in its entirety, please respond with your favorite fifth grade memory.  I will be printing these out as a memory for the students on open house night.



    Good morning parents and happy Thursday.  

    Math - Students are in the process of taking the Unit 5 test.  Next week we will begin our Measurement and Data unit.  Please make sure students are hopping on Khan Academy at home on nights they don't have formal math homework.  This will help them receive broader exposure to math concepts.

    ELA - Students are deep into their country research.  We met as a class yesterday and reflected on the frustrations with research projects.  I heard their concerns and adapted the final project.  Hopefully the students feel like their voices were heard and that their honest reflections have POWER.

    Social Studies - Learning about Colonial Williamsburg

    Homework - I want to reiterate homework journal expectations.  Journals are assigned on Tuesdays and are due Thursdays.  After a class meeting, we determined that most students - when   a week to complete the journal - were still doing it last minute, so we decided to shorten the time frame.  If two journals in a row are incomplete or not turned in on time, this behavior will be documented and an office referral will be given under the PBIS structure of Responsibility.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this process.

    This Friday - BINGO night at school!  6:30-9
    NEXT MONDAY the student will take a state assessment in Science.  
    PARCC/IAR will be given the first two weeks back from Spring Break.  Students will need headphones so if they would like their own, please make sure to have the conversation with your student if they still have headphones at school (It's March so some have broken by now).  The school will provide headphones if the students need to borrow them.  Cell phones and Smart watches will not be allowed in the classroom so those items will need to be placed in their locker or left at home.   Please try to refrain from scheduling any doctor appointments during that time period.  No homework will be given those two weeks.  Hopefully the weather will take a turn and the students can get out and PLAY after school those days.

    If you made it this far, let me know by responding with what your favorite subject was in school.  I hope you have a beautiful day.


    Good morning!  It is unreal that it's almost March!

    Math - Unit 5 is all about long division as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Unit 5 assessment will be on March 8th.  We are getting in a TON of practice in the classroom. By now, students should have a wonderful grasp on the process. Please work with your student at home on interpreting the remainder. Options in 5th grade: Use only the remainder, Ignore the remainder, Add one to the quotient, share the remainder (either as a fraction or a decimal). The expectation in 5th grade is to divide out to two decimal places when choosing this option.

    ELA - Research. Students have been assigned a country and have designed their passports. For the next 4-5 weeks we will be “traveling” in the world of informational text as we learn about a country and a different culture. Parent volunteer opportunities will be coming your way in the next few weeks.

    Social Studies - Our next social studies unit will be on Colonial Williamsburg.

    Social/Emotional - Speak with Good Purpose - Speaking honestly and thinking before we speak.


    Students earned their Mega Eagle Token last week. On Friday, we will be watching Incredibles 2. Students may bring in a “junky” snack and drink (no caffeine, please).  They can wear pajamas and bring a small stuffed animal and a small blanket if they wish. Please make sure you have signed the permission slip that was sent home Tuesday for your child to watch the PG movie.

    Friday - PBIS Student of the Month Assembly and Twin day

    Dr. Seuss week runs all next week

    25th - Jump Rope for Heart Due

    27th - Early Release

    28th - Donations for Bingo Night due - Fifth grade is collecting- Sports or Crafts/ Art Supplies

    Thank you for all you do at home to ensure your student has a successful year!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me or contact the school to set up a meeting.  If you’ve made it this far, respond with “What character would you be in a movie?


    Greetings Parents!  Holy Smokes has it been an interesting two weeks!  We kicked off our morning talking about and revisiting expectations and spoke about classroom frustrations we are currently having. This goes along with the new circles strategy the District is implementing. Students had several opportunities to discuss how they are feeling and to brainstorm systems in our classroom that could go smoother than they currently are.  We will be using this strategy throughout all aspects of our day to discuss social/emotional, curriculum, and our classroom environment for the remainder of the year.

    Math - Unit 4 test Friday
    Social Studies - Shrinking biographies - students have read about two historical figures. They will be condensing their knowledge into a 50 word biography and then a 30 word biography. This strategy helps the students focus on important information vs. interesting information and being mindful of strong and descriptive word choice.
    ELA - Graphic Novel Study
    Social/Emotional - Speak With Good Purpose - Speaking honestly and kindly.  Thinking before we speak.

    Upcoming dates:
    February 8th - 100th day of school. Students can dress as a 100 year old, wear 100 of something, or let the creative juices flow!
    Next week - Kindness week.  See flier that is going home today for a daily theme
    February 14th - Due to kindness week, we will focus not on the holiday, but on being kind to others. Students are able to bring in basic Valentine's if they wish but they should not be labeled with specific names of students.  We have 14 boys and 8 girls. If students wish to give compliments to other students, they may choose to do this instead of Valentines. There is no time set aside school-wide for a party.
    February 15th - 1/2 day of school
    February 27th - Early Release


    Happy January. I hope this email finds you well and rested after our winter break.

    Unit 4 - Basic multiplication review.  Tomorrow we will be adding decimal points into our work.  All the students have been trained, and new MAP scores have been entered, into KHAN Academy.  This is a free online resource the students can use to practice math strands that they are lacking in, or practice the strands that we haven’t learned in 5th grade yet.  Tonight’s homework is to access KHAN - if possible - and do some practice work. If you do not have access to technology, please do not fret. Use the homework time tonight to practice 2 x 2 digit multiplication.

    ELA-Narrative writing. The students will be writing a graphic novel/comic strip about a social injustice in our community.  Their main character will either be a Superhero or a Spokesperson. This is a four week unit.

    Students are taking the Trimester 2 assessment this week.  This is just for my evaluative purposes to track student learning with the curriculum they have already been taught this year.  We are breaking the assessment up over several days.

    Social Studies - We are moving on to Chapter 8 - Slavery next week.

    Social/Emotional - Balance

    Snack reminder - Please make sure your student has a mostly healthy snack….most days.

    Upcoming -

    No School Friday or Monday, early release NEXT Wednesday

    January 22 - School Board Meeting, 7pm

    If you’ve made it this far, state an oxymoron that causes you to giggle..


    Good morning parents.  This week’s email is coming to you a day early because this week is going to flyyyyy.  

    Math - Test on Thursday

    Science - Mixtures and Solutions - reading the ever-so-exciting science book and responding to our reading

    ELA - Finishing our flyers for charity.  These won’t be coming home until after break

    Social/Emotional - Balance

    Upcoming: Tomorrow afternoon we will be watching a non-holiday movie with the entire fifth grade. There is no tie-in with the curriculum, there will be no responding to the movie.  We are going to sit on our bums and relax together. How often does that happen?I will be providing popcorn. If your student cannot have popcorn, please feel free to add an additional snack to their backpack.

    Friday - We will be having a GLOW day Friday..  What does this mean? The classroom and the learning (yes, we will still be learning on Friday) will be transformed to a black light environment.  Students should wear white or neon. I will be supplying them with neon sweatbands - why not, right? We will have our winter party beginning at 2:30.  During the party we will have a dance off, play glow bingo, and do a winter craft. Students can bring junk food as a snack - just no caffeine please. 

    I want to thank you for all of your support throughout this first stretch of fifth grade.  Your children are amazing because YOU are amazing. Thank you for all your kind words, classroom donations, baked treats,  and volunteering.  I appreciate you all so very much. Enjoy your winter break. I will be welcoming them back to school on January 7th.



    Good morning parents!  Last week was a rough week in Room 33.  Not because of the kiddos - but I was absent 2.5 days with my own sick kiddos.  By the end of the week, we were all ready to be back on routine. I appreciate your children rising up to the occasion and treating our guest teachers respectfully and living in the key of flexibility.  They did amazing.

    The students designed our new layout for the classroom. They were very thoughtful about furniture placement and accessibility.  Great job, 5th Graders!


    Math - Unit 3

    We are finishing up multiplying and dividing by fractions.  Our unit 3 test will be sometime next week before winter break.

    Mr. Grubbs was successful in securing Reflex for the remainder of the year.  If your student hasn’t reached 100% fluency yet, please consider this program as a part of nightly homework until fluency is reached.  Students can access the program on any device (other than smartphones) at home. They can download the free app or go straight to the Reflex website. Please let me know if you have questions.  

    Division video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMZJKGyu-Kk

    Science - We are finishing up our unit on mixtures and solutions. Students will have a quiz this Friday  They will need to know definitions of mixture, solution, solute, dissolve and solvent. I think the students are really enjoying this unit.

    ELA - We are finishing up Unit 3 in ELA as well - informational text.  They are working on designing an informative and persuasive flyer for their charity they have been researching. It’s great to see what the kiddos are so passionate about.

    Social/Emotional - Balance.  The students are working on taking school seriously, but still being kids.  Balance means to “live your best life.”

    Tomorrow night - Band performance at 6:30 at Coventry - Come support our band students.

    Tomorrow night - Coventry Night at Nick’s Pizza 4-10

    Winter party - Friday the 21st, kids should wear white or neon.  I would like one more volunteer. We will be playing galactic bingo, so I would just need one more activity planned.
    Winter break - December 22 - January 7

    I can’t believe we are staring winter break in it’s cold, frosty face.  The school year is flying by. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to be more of a support.



    Hello parents. I hope you all had a great and relaxing (and healthy) fall break.  

    Math: Unit 3 - multiplying and dividing fractions. This unit is a breeze for the kiddos who know their facts.  It will prove to be challenging, and time consuming, for students who are struggling with their fluency. Please make sure your child is practicing math facts at home.  Reflex is a great resource to use at home.

    Videos you may find useful in this unit of study:



    ELA - Charitable causes and philanthropy.  Students are using their non-fiction text strategies and researching skills in this unit.  This week they will be researching children around the same age as themselves who have made a difference in our world.

    Social Studies - Finishing up our colony studies (for now).  Next week: Science Mixtures and Solutions.

    Social Emotional - Last week of ownership.  Next week we will move on to Balance.

    Upcoming: Holiday Treasure store will be held on Thursday Dec 6th.  Students can bring cash to shop for their siblings and family members for the holiday season.  Many gifts are under $5, but there are a few gifts that are between $5-$12. Students can purchase the items and then take them home with them that day.

    December 13 - Band performance at Coventry

    December 13 - Nick’s Pizza Fundraise

    I am still looking for volunteers and supplies to help mini dog houses for students who needed the curriculum extended.  If you are able and willing to donate supplies (wood, tools, saws, nails, screws) or time please let me know as soon as possible!  Thank you so much!

    If you made it this far, name your favorite way your child makes a difference for other people.



    Greetings! Please go to the following link to take our Parent Survey:


    Coventry's 2018-2019 yearbook orders can now be placed. The price of this year's yearbook is $12.74. To purchase a yearbook please go to www.treering.com/101416421426234.  A 5% discount will be applied if your yearbook order is placed by November 30th.  

    Math: Mini unit on problem solving.  We will begin unit 3 next week.

    • Upcoming: I am in search of parent volunteers and supplies to help some of our fifth graders build dog houses. If this sounds like an activity in your “wheelhouse” please let me know - as I have no carpentry skills….plumbing certification?  I’m your girl…...random, but true. No, I will not fix your toilet.

    Social Studies: Finishing up our Veterans Day mini unit.  We will start learning about early colonies next week.

    ELA: We are completing our opinion pieces this week.  You’ll receive final copies at conferences. We are also continuing our debating skills in reading. Please ask your student about White Lies and other debatable topics discussed this week.

    Social/Emotional: Ownership

    Conferences: Everyone at this time has a time slot dedicated to them.  If your time or day doesn’t work, please don’t worry, #life. We will find another time and date for you, but PLEASE let me know as soon as possible so we can get something on the books.  It is the district’s expectation that conferences be student led and that all parents attend. This is a great opportunity to brainstorm and game plan as an educational team.


    12 Veteran’s Assembly - 2:15

    14 Early Release Day

    Report Cards available on Parent Vue

    15 Parent Conf 5-8

    16 Trimester 1 Report Cards Sent Home

    19 Parent Conf 12-8

    20 Parent Conf 8-11

    Thanksgiving Break 21-25 (Gobble Gobble)

    If you made it this far, respond with your most embarrassing favorite song.  I’ll own it:

    Ice Ice Baby...


    Greetings! Wednesday folders will go home tomorrow, as tonight might be busy. 

    Please go to the following link to take our Parent Survey:


    Math - Reviewing decimals this week.  Next week we will be doing a short unit on problem solving.

    Science: Phenomena.  Monday we did an experiment so we can see CO2.  Ask your child about bases, acids, and reactions.

    ELA: Opinion.  We are finishing up our opinion pieces.  Final drafting will occur next week.

    Trimester 1 Assessment will be done Thursday and Friday afternoon this week.

    Please remember to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences.  We have 15 out of the 21 families signed up. If the 15, 19, or 20th don’t work for you, please email me with another day and time so we can meet.  It’s so important to have these conversations about successes and concerns so we can have a successful year!

    Please send in names and addresses of any Veterans that you know.  We will be writing thank you notes to them next week.

    Upcoming dates:


    2 End of Trimester 1

    5 Dress Like Your Teacher/Students

    7 Which Wich Fundraiser Coventry Night

    8 Eric Litwin Author Assembly

    12 Veteran’s Assembly

    14 Early Release Day - Report Cards available on Parent Vue

    15 Parent Conf 5-8

    19 Parent Conf 12-8

    20 Parent Conf 8-11

    Thanksgiving Break 21-25



    Happy Wednesday parents!  This morning was full of buzz as the students entered their decimal carnival.  Let me tell you….they did AMAZING listening to the expectations and using their time to review their decimal knowledge.  I am so very proud of them! Thank you to all of our parent volunteers this week and also to everyone who brought in snacks.  

    Math: Decimal test Friday.  Starting next week, we will be reviewing concepts learned this far in fifth grade by practicing word problems.  The students will have math homework every other day.

    Social Studies: We are finishing up our Boat Exploration this week.  Science - variables - will start up next week again.

    ELA: Reading and writing is still centered around opinion/argumentative/persuasive.  Next week we will be taking the Trimester 1 assessment. I will be heavily modeling this test with them.  These assessments are not sent home.

    Key: Ownership.  The students are ROCKING this out!

    Fall party: I am looking for parent volunteers to lead out our fall party. All food will need to be ordered through Sodexo.  

    Veterans: Veterans Day is coming up. Please send in the names and addresses of all the Veterans near and dear to your heart.  We will be writing thank you notes for their service.


    Friday: PBIS assembly

    October 31: Fall Parade and party

    November (how did that happen?) 2: End of Trimester

    November 7: Which Wich night

    Parent Teacher Conferences: 15, 19, 20 (Most of us are signed up.  Remember, these are STUDENT led, so your child must be in attendance).

    If you’ve made it this far, respond with your favorite carnival game.



    Hello parents!  Today was the first day I was absent all day so the students had a guest teacher.  They had to solve a crime today. Ask them about their investigation.

    Math - We are finishing up our first decimal unit.  Next week I would LOVE to have a few parent volunteers to help out at our Room 33 Carnival as we review for our assessment.  I am looking for volunteers for Wednesday and Thursday in the morning. Math test will be Friday. Look for a permission slip to come home for the kiddos to have treats during the carnival.  Photo booth, ring toss, floating ducks, and more!

    ELA -

    Writing - We are learning opinion/argumentative/persuasive.  The kiddos are narrowing their writing topics down to one they can support with three DIFFERENT reasons.  Ask your student what topic they are thinking about writing about (uniforms in school, year round school, too much gaming, etc).  Ask them what their three reasons are to support their claim.

    Reading - students are learning that informational authors use a strong tone, which may or may not persuade them.  Students are also learning that they cannot use just one source to come up with their own opinion.

    Social Studies - We are playing a week long simulation game.  Each child has his/her own role on an explorer’s boat. They had to approach Queen Isabella (me!  - I’m so fancy - cue Iggy Azalea) to ask for Spain to sponsor them. Then they were given a boat (it’s not a good one), supplies (those are adequate), and a crew full of prisoners (no, not reallly).  They may or may not find land and riches...they may or may get lost at sea...they may or may not die of dysentery. Ask your student what his/her role is on the ship and how their journey is going so far.  Students are journaling about their journey from the perspective of their character. They will then pick the journal entry they are most proud of to publish.

    Science - We will start science back up in a week or so.  We will be studying more about variables while we learn about lifeboats.

    Classroom key - flexibility!

    News: You may now sign up for conferences on ParentVue.  I’ve noticed that half of the class are entered already! Nice job!  Please remember, students are required to be at conferences because they are in charge of them.  Please try signing yourself up as soon as possible as times are booking up. If you are having trouble, email the office - just kidding.  Just let me know and I’ll help you out!

    Upcoming events:

    October 24 - Early Release

    October 26 - Student of the Month Assembly

    October 31 - Fall Parade

    November 2 - End of Trimester

    We did not do Wednesday folders today due to my absence.  Folders - with MAP scores - will come home tomorrow.

    Respond with some sort of pirate response so your child gets an Eagle Bill in the morning.


    Good afternoon!  The field trip yesterday was so much fun.  The students were able to deepen their current knowledge about Native Americans with more information about Native Americans from our region.  The students did have a hard time being quiet when two of the presenters were speaking. We talked about the behavior after our picnic lunch and were able to receive an AMAZING compliment from our last presenter.  Much about being a 5th grader (well, much about being a human) is owning our behaviors - good and bad. I was very proud of the kids for owning that behavior and CHANGING the behavior. I’m glad they got to see it pay off in the end.  

    Math - Unit 2 decimals.  Compared to our first unit, decimals seem to be a more relaxed topic for the kiddos.  As a reminder, homework links can be found on my website. Remember, you must copy and paste the link into a new browser.  The super secretive password is ownership (all lowercase).

    ELA - We began unit 2 in ELA today.  Topics include opinions and supporting our opinions with facts.  We will be doing a bit of research in unit 2 to make sure our opinions are backed up by educational reasoning and not our opinions “just because (this is still a PERFECTLY great parental response though!).”

    Social Studies - All things exploration.  We are learning about 10 different explorers and their claims to fame….or villainy.  Ask your child about what explorer he or she has found the most interesting.

    Classroom key - Flexibility

    Upcoming dates to be aware of:

    15 Board Meeting 7pm - Coventry 5th grade teachers are presenting - come support our kids

    Parent Conference Schedule Opens for Parents

    24 Early Release Day

    26 PBIS Assembly @2:45

    31 Fall Parade

    Mrs. Butler was our winner winner chicken dinner for the STARBUCKS gift card last week.  Congratulations to her and thank YOU to all who read the newsletter every week. Remember, we are a team in the students’ learning.  If you’ve made it this far, please respond with your favorite pun.


    October 3

    Good evening!  We are having another great week in fifth grade. Your children are so kind to each other.  I am blown away with how supportive they are to one another. Truly awesome kiddos!


    Math - We began a decimal study on Monday. Students are working on standard, expanded, and power of ten notation in class.  We will be moving to comparing decimals and adding and subtracting decimals very soon. Students had a HUGE amount of time today to complete their homework.


    ELA - We are wrapping up Unit 1 in reading and writing. Unit 2 will begin on Tuesday.  Unit 2 focuses on claims and supporting our opinions with solid reasoning and evidence.


    Social Studies - We have begun learning about European Explorers.  This week we have focused on motives for exploration.  Ask your child about the 8 artifacts they have learned and whether the artifacts are motives for exploration, new products, or new technology.  


    Social/Emotional - Flexibility


    IMPORTANT - Our Field trip is on Tuesday the 9th (the day after Columbus Day - No School).  Students are bringing home forms to fill out if they need a sack lunch. I will need a final sack lunch count this Friday to send to the cafe.  Students can bring their own sack lunch that can be completely thrown away after we are done eating. We will be leaving PROMPTLY at 9 on Tuesday, so please have your child at school on time. Please spray bug spray before the students get to school, have them wear old shoes, warm clothes, and bring jackets.


    Upcoming dates:

    Tomorrow night - Family reading night!  The book fair will also be open.

    Monday - No school

    Tuesday - Field trip, gone all morning.  We will be returning around 1:30

    October 12 - Coventry Movie Night

    October 15 - 5th Grade teachers are presenting at the School Board Meeting - Come support!

            Parent teacher conference schedule opens up on ParentVue



    September 25, 2018

    Greetings parents!  This email is coming at you a day early due to EARLY RELEASE tomorrow afternoon.  Dismissal will be at 2pm.

    We are finishing up Unit 1, with our assessment on Friday morning.  Graded quick quizzes will be coming home tomorrow in their Wednesday folders. Unit 2 is all about adding and subtracting DECIMALS.

    Writing - Students finished their Object Narratives last week. Graded stories are coming home tomorrow in Wednesday folders. Please note, students got individual grades for each standard assessed on the rubric.  Rubrics have been stapled to the stories. This week the students are writing quick narrative on a lesson they've learned in life.

    Reading - Students are working on theme and their Prose Constructed Response...that's just a fancy shmancy term for essay.  Questions to ask your student about our story this week:
      Tell me about Miata and Rudy.  Who do you think will win the election for class president?  Why?

    Science - We have started our week by reviewing scientific method with figuring out paper towel and diaper absorbency.  Ask the students what they learned about paper towel brands and diapers.  If you REALLY want to get their attention, tell them Mrs. Grider requests they study up on how to make an EPIC paper airplane using only one sheet of paper. *wink wink*

    Social/Emotional: We have begun learning about Flexibility.  

    Upcoming dates:
    Tomorrow: Early Release
    Friday: Fundraiser $$ due
    October 1-5 Book Fair
    October 2: Erin's Law presentation...more information to come
    October 4: Family Reading Night at Coventry....Good times will be had by all!
    See below for Pictures of our Diaper Experiment.  Respond to this email with your favorite 80's band for your child to receive an Eagle Bill tomorrow!  As always, please let me know at any time if you have questions or concerns.  We are a team!  - Mrs. G

    September 18, 2018

    Hi parents!  This week’s email is coming at you a day early due to tomorrow being PICTURE DAY.  Please note, students are not supposed to wear the color green, as they will appear to be floating heads.  If you’re into that...then, go ahead and have your student wear green. You’ve been warned!


    Math - Unit 1

    • We are finishing up all things adding and subtracting fractions.  Unit test will be NEXT Friday
    • Please make sure you are practicing math facts every night if your student isn’t fluent.  To & from soccer practice, to & from school, at the grocery store...are great practice times.
    • EXCITING NEWS!!  I worked with our amazing tech coach to brainstorm a way to get our homework ONLINE.  Go to Coventry’s website, Academic Teams, Fifth Grade, Mrs. Grider, Math Homework. The password is “ownership” ←-see what I did there? Then you must COPY and PASTE the link into a browser.  Clicking on the link won’t work. Please do not share our classroom password with others.

    ELA - Unit 1

    • Theme - This week we are reading a historical text about Storm Warriors.  Ask your student what the most important element is in historical fiction (setting)
    • Writing - Finishing up our Object narratives.  These will be published this week and then sent home next week

    Science - Variables

    • We began our first science unit on Monday. The students are learning about variables. Please ask them about the steps in the scientific method or about Mike and his problem.


    • Last week of Commitment

    Upcoming dates

    Fundraising raffle tickets have gone home. This is Coventry’s BIGGEST fundraiser, helping the PTA pay for field trips, guest speakers, exciting assemblies, etc.  Please consider participating and let me know if you need MORE tickets!

    19th Picture Day

    Family Food Night Portillo’s 5-8

    26th Early Release Day

    If you made it to the bottom, THANK YOU. Please respond with “Made it!” and your student will receive an Eagle Bill for your commitment.

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  • Welcome to Room 33

    Posted by Sarah Grider on 9/12/2018

    Welcome to Fifth Grade, Room 33.  I'm excited to begin the year with you - learning, laughing, and growing!  We are going to have an amazing 5th grade year. 

    Parents: Please contact me at anytime with any questions, comments, or suggestions that you have for our classroom. Communication is the key to an amazing year!


    Google Classroom

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