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    Posted by Sarah Grider on 9/11/2019 6:00:00 PM


    Hello Parents.  
    Math: Decimal test on Friday this week, then we move back to fractions.
    ELA: We are in week 2 of mysteries and the kiddos are loving it.  I can't wait to see what they come up with for their stories.  
    Science: We are learning about matter with the topics of heating and cooling this week.
    Social/Emotional: Having conversations with someone who we don't have much in common with

    Classroom announcements:
    Please make sure you have access to Seesaw. If you need help, please reach other. Our classroom portfolio is on this program and students will begin uploading their work shortly.  

    Classroom funding: 

    Please share the following excerpt on social media, if you feel comfortable.  Mrs. Grider's classroom wants to make a difference in the lives of kids across the world.  We are teaming up with UNICEF to track both steps and movement. Mrs. Grider's students will be active while wearing the Kid Power Band, and this activity unlocks therapeutic food packets that UNICEF delivers to severely malnourished children. Please visit the classroom site for more information:

    Wednesday: Early Release
    Friday: Picture Retakes

    Remember, at any time, please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.  We are a team!


    Happy Wednesday.  Please remember, today is Early Release. Students will be dismissed at 2pm.

    Math: We are finishing our unit on adding and subtracting fractions.  The test will be next week, probably Tuesday.
    ELA/Social Studies: We are finishing our unit on Native Americans. We learned Native Americans were very resourceful.  Our research will conclude with the assembling of Native American homes.  
    ELA/Science: We just began our second pilot with the curriculum StemScopes.  Students will be learning about the moon phases, constellations, and patterns in our sky. 
    Social Emotional: Being Assertive.
    Today: Early release, Portillos Night
    Fundraiser forms due Friday
    September 30: Book Fair Preview
    October 2: Book Fair Purchase
    October 4: Erin's Law presentation
    Announcement from Mrs. Chatham in Music:
    Greetings from the music room! Our 5th graders are learning to compose using coding through a website called Scratch. In order for us to create and save our compositions, we are creating accounts with the website. The website is for people of all ages (no age restrictions) but does ask for a parent's or guardian's email address. If students could not recall your email, they put mine in instead.  I wanted you to know in case you received the confirmation email. Have a great day! -Kendra Chatham


    Greetings parents!  Most of my weekly newsletters will fall on Wednesday.  So here comes this week's:

    Math: We're learning about equivalent fractions, converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, and then back again! We have used several strategies to practice these math concepts.  Please please please make sure you're practicing math facts at home.  Students should be 100% fluent by 5th grade.  This fluency helps them TREMENDOUSLY navigate these fifth grade concepts so much easier. At home, students can work on REFLEX - a free app we use in class.  They all have individual usernames and passwords...did I mention it's FREE??!!  Woot!  We only have this website until December, so please get your student on it as much as possible.

    ELA: We are working on immersing ourselves in narrative literature.  Your students have done AMAZING with learning vocabulary and narrative elements.  Dinnertime conversations could include asking your child the definitions of the following words: Protagonist, antagonist, exposition, character vs. character conflict, character vs. self conflict, theme, static characters, dynamic characters  

    We began a prewriting activity today that involved acting out themes to the topic of friendship.  Please ask your student what his/her group is working on.  Check our Seesaw site for pictures of the activity.  Your children amaze me!

    Science: Gravity, meteoroids, meteors, meteorites. Ask your student where Earth's gravity is the strongest and why.

    Social/Emotional: Active listening

    Tomorrow: Full band, 8:10
    Tomorrow night (Thursday): Parent Night.  Session 1 6-6:45. Session 2 7-7:45 
    Please make every effort to come to parent night.  We will be talking about procedures and policies in fifth grade.  It is extremely important to attend in order to have clear communication between myself, your child, and home.  If you cannot attend, please let me know so I can send home the information for you to read through.
    September 18th: Picture Day

    Please have patience with me and the new Seesaw app (You should have received an invite). This year is the first year I've used it, and my inexperience will show until I get used to this new system.  You can always check out our website for pictures and information about our classroom.  If at anytime you have questions about anything, please NEVER hesitate to contact me.  Open communication is crucial for a successful school year. If you've made it this far, please reply with your favorite junk food meal.  I'll start: Cheeseburgers with all the cheese and all the toppings.  It must be close to dinner!

    -Mrs. G

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  • Welcome to our Cabin!

    Posted by Sarah Grider on 8/1/2019


    Welcome to Fifth Grade, Grider Cabin.  I'm excited to begin the year with you - learning, laughing, and growing!  We are going to have an amazing 5th grade year. 


    Parents: Please contact me at anytime with any questions, comments, or suggestions that you have for our classroom. Communication is the key to an amazing year!



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