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Welcome to Parent Night!



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7-Purple Parent Night Slides




7 Purple Chromebook Roll-Out!


General Information

What is a Chromebook

Objective: To understand the capabilities of a Chromebook.


Chromebook 101: TrackPad and Hotkeys

Objective: To learn how to use the mouse trackpad and keyboard shortcuts.


Chromebook Care and Responsibilities

Objective: To understand the daily responsibilities and expectations for Chromebooks and what to do when something breaks.


Acceptable Use Policy

Let's read through the policy. You will be receiving a copy via email as well.

D47 Student Acceptable Use Policy



Change/Setup StudentVue Password

Objective: Set up access to Synergy so they can check grades and look at their schedule.


Set up Chromebook Protection

Objective: Protect the content on their Chromebook by requiring a password to wake up their Chromebook.


Adding Apps and Managing Extensions

Video Link #1

Video Link #2


Objective: The ability to visit the Chrome Web Store and add an app and to organize the apps on app shelf.


Screen Shots 

Objective: Taking screenshots and accessing the screenshots in the downloads section.



Objective: To develop internet search skills in a fun way.