Mrs. Blake's Daily Agenda

  • 1/16/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 1/16/2020

    Bud's Breakfast Part 1 continued.  

    --Complete activities on pages 66 and 67

    --React and Write on page 66 in journal 

    When finished, work on Wonderopolis #90 


    Have a great long weekend.  No school Friday or Monday! 

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  • 1/15/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 1/15/2020

    Bud's Breakfast Part 1

    -Read part 1

    -Elements of Fiction table column one (character and Plot)

    -side activities pg. 64/65

    -React and Write


    Begin Wonderopolis #90 if you finish above. 


    No homework! 


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  • 1/14/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 1/14/2020

    1) Writing Benchmark

    2) Workshop 3 Vocabulary Introduction 

    3) Elements of Fiction recap

    4) Vocabulary Exit slip 


    No homework


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  • 1/13/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 1/13/2020

    New Encores today!  Let's look at where you are going for the new term!

    Workshop 3:  Bud's Breakfast 

      --Narrative Text

      --Introduction to the Workshop

      --Anchor video (build background)

      --Information web

      --Connect and Respond writing activity in Read 180 journal 


    No Homework

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  • 1/10/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 1/10/2020

    Happy Friday!  Today you will have time to complete your final project.  They are due at the end of the period.  

    No homework! Have a great weekend! 

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  • 1/9/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 1/9/2020

    Shortened periods.  


    In LA you will have time to work on your final project.  They will be due at the end of class on Friday.  

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  • 1/8/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 1/8/2020

    Review the ATH journal expectations and work on the paragraph. 

     MAP Reading testing today!  LA, then testing, then shortened schedule for the remainder of the day. 


    No homework! 

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  • 1/7/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 1/7/2020

    1) IDR

    2) Among the Hidden Final projects (see link below) 

        --Journal (GOOGLE CLASSROOM)

       -- Culminating project (select one) 


    ATH Post activities

    No Homework 

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  • 1/6/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 1/6/2020

    Welcome Back!
    1)  How was break? 

    2) Among the Hidden Kahoot! 

    3) Post Reading Activities overview

          (Journal/Culminating Project) 


    No Homework! 

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  • 12/19/19

    Posted by Erin Blake on 12/19/2019

    * Continue with Story Maps! Number off and complete your part! 

    * Among the Hidden

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