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  • Wednesday, April 1st Remote Learning

    Posted by Scott Pinshower on 4/1/2020 8:30:00 AM

    Hi Parents,


    Welcome to day 2 of Remote Learning.  Our Hangout chat went well yesterday and I think everyone seemed to understand what’s expected each day.  I will still be available from 8:30-1:30 to answer their questions on our Q and A Padlet and on Google Classroom, which is in the Daily Slides.  Please remind your student to look carefully at the directions for assignments and to hit the TURN IN button on Google Classroom when they are finished for the day. 


    Our Google Hangout read aloud will be at 1:00 today as I have a virtual meeting at 11:00. 


    Online: Visit our Daily Slides for today’s assignments.  


    Daily Morning Announcements: 


    April 1st





    • Homework: 7-4, questions 3 and 4, Remembering: questions 4-10


    • Read Questioning Gravity page 36 in Journey’s 
    • After reading both texts, create a T chart to compare and contrast the stories.




    5th grade:

    Read a chapter from the book you are currently reading.  Choose one character from your book and write down 1 or 2 character traits.  For each character trait, write both a sentence and include a quote from the text proving why that character displays that character trait.  Assignment may be written on a sheet of paper or posted in Google Classroom LMC account - look for assignment titled “Character Traits.” 

    Please contact Miss Pearl if you have any technology questions or need literacy support at home:  tlpearl@d47.org.

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  • Tuesday, March 31st Remote Learning

    Posted by Scott Pinshower on 3/31/2020 8:30:00 AM

    Morning Announcements:




    Offline Tuesday Lessons

    Math: Lesson 7.4 day 1 of 2 

    • Homework 7.4 questions 1 and 2.
    • Remembering 7.4 questions 1, 2, 3


    • Read A Package from Mrs. Jewls page 21 in Journey’s (humorous fiction)
    • Answer the following questions: 
      • Why is the school yard a mess at the beginning of the story? 
      • What do you learn about Louis’s character from the way he responds to his conflict? 
      • What clues might have helped you predict the story’s ending?


    5th Grade

    1. Sing your three favorite songs from the 5th grade musical.  Use https://bit.ly/2IcsoLZ to access music and song sheets if you would like.
    2. Share your favorite song with a family member.  I wonder which one it will be?

    I am available from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. each day if you need support or want to share anything with me.  You can reach me at tlmootz@d47.org.  I can’t wait to hear or see the music you share!  Mrs. Mootz

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  • Tuesday, March 17th - Friday, March 20th

    Posted by Scott Pinshower on 3/16/2020
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    Posted by Scott Pinshower on 3/13/2020

     The McHenry Department of Health issued guidance this week regarding large group gatherings. The CDC has also issued guidance on this topic. Based on this recommendation, District 47 has made the decision to postpone large group activities and events that involve the general public and spectators. 


    Unfortunately, this means we will be unable to accommodate parents and family members at our Living Museum, which is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday.  As a grade level, we are disappointed that you will not be able to attend this event, however, we must follow guidelines.  


    Thank you to all of those who already RSVP’d and for your continued support of this fun project!  


    Stay healthy.




    5th grade teachers

    Mrs. Whiting, Mrs. Wolf, Mrs. Luckey, Mr. Pinshower

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  • Weekly Newsletter

    Posted by Scott Pinshower on 3/8/2020
    I hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend and the great weather.  It was great seeing many of you at the Fun Fair on Saturday and thanks so much all of you that donated and/or volunteered your time!
    Living Museum: The students' articles came out looking great!  This week, we will be focused on student speeches and timelines.  Please note that per our calendar, student posters and costumes are due in class by this FRIDAY.  Please be on the lookout for parent invitations coming home at some point this week.  Students will bring their speeches home over the weekend to practice.  
    Key Dates: 
    Tuesday: WPO Meeting at 7:00
    Wednesday: Progress Reports posted on Parent Vue
    Thursday: Family Library BINGO Night at 6:00
    Friday: Poster and costume due for Living Museum
    Monday, March 16th: Living Museum run through and practice
    Tuesday, Wednesday, March 17th and 18th: Living Museum is open!
    West Spirit Wear:
    The West Elementary Spring 2020 Collection is live!
    Here is the link:
    The password is:
    West is Best
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  • Weekly Newsletter

    Posted by Scott Pinshower on 3/1/2020
    I hope everyone had a good weekend and were able to enjoy the nice weather today!  Below you will find important dates, weekly learning and other important information.
    Living Museum: Students should have finished up their research packets last week (you may have seen their blue folder come home this weekend to finish things up).  This week we will be focused on transferring the research packet into an online article.  Students will have plenty of time during class to accomplish this.  If you have not begun talking about a costume and poster with your child, this week would be the perfect time to do so! 
    West Fun Fair: Thanks so much to those who have donated or volunteered!  The link is below if you are still interested in helping out!
    Key dates:
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 5th Grade Illinois Science Assessment
    Saturday: Fun Fair, 10:00-2:00
    March 11: Progress Reports open on Parent Vue
    March 12: Family Library BINGO Night 
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  • Weekly Newsletter

    Posted by Scott Pinshower on 2/23/2020
    I hope all is going well and you were able to enjoy some great weather this weekend! Below you will find key dates, important information on our Living Museum and the West Fun Fair, and weekly learning.
    Wednesday: Early Release, students out at 2:00
    March 11th: Progress Reports Posted for Trimester 2
    West Fun Fair, March 7th: Students went home this weekend with two sheets detailing information on games, raffles and wristbands.  The 5th graders get the awesome opportunity to volunteer and work all of the games, face painting, cake walk, etc!  This is my FAVORITE West event each year.  Please click on the link to see volunteer opportunities and other ways to help out!  Thanks so much to many of you who have already signed up! 
    Living Museum: Thanks for discussing the packet with your child and there are so many excellent choices that the students selected to research. This week in class we will be spending time using the students' sources to research and fill out the packets for the article they will be writing. If you have any books at home for the research, please send to school tomorrow. Be sure to start thinking of poster and costume ideas at home! Due dates on the calendar are very important and  completing each step on time is a part of each student's grade for the project. I look forward to seeing this fun project materialize over the next few weeks!
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  • Weekly Newsletter

    Posted by Scott Pinshower on 2/17/2020
    I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend, whether you stayed local or traveled somewhere. I had a great time in Chicago for the NBA basketball All-Star events.
    Please read on for weekly learning, key dates and important Living Museum information.
    Living Museum: 
    We have officially begun our biggest project of the school year. Tomorrow (Tuesday), your student will come home with a blue Living Museum folder, which will house all papers needed for the upcoming weeks. In this, you will find a green packet for you to read with your student.  This includes letters, expectations and a schedule.
    Due this Friday (or before), students must complete the form stating who they want to portray for the museum.  Please sign this okaying their choice as well as showing understanding of what is expected for the project. 
    We will also go over this packet tomorrow in class. 
    I'm excited to being this awesome unit!
    Key Dates:
    Thursday: Nick's Pizza WPO Fundraiser at 4:00
    Friday: DJ Dance Party at 6:30
    Friday: Unit 5 MATH TEST
    February 24th: Remembering Pages due
    March 7th: West Fun Fair!
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  • Weekly Newsletter

    Posted by Scott Pinshower on 2/9/2020
    I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Below you will find key dates, learning and other important information.
    Friday and Valentine's Day: Thanks for those who are helping plan and run our Valentine's Day party!  The students are welcome to bring Valentine's to everyone in the classroom.  We will distribute in the morning.  Please DO NOT send any food or candy to school.  Friday is also an early release, so students will be out at 2:00.  
    Tuesday: WPO Meeting at 7:00
    Thursday: Family Library Night at 6:30, ENCORE Night
    2/17: No School, President's Day
    Perseverance Unit:  This week we will begin our unit which includes the 4th annual 5th Grade Living Museum.  Please look out in the upcoming weeks for more information on this.  In short, students will be selecting a figure who has demonstrated perseverance in their lifetime.  They will research, write an informative piece on the figure, and come up with a speech in class.  This also includes a home component of creating a poster and coming up with a costume.  More information coming soon!!
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  • Weekly Newsletter

    Posted by Scott Pinshower on 2/2/2020
    I hope everyone has had a great weekend.  Below you will find key dates and other important information.
    February: West will again be celebrating February as Kindness month.  Each day is another way to show kindness.  We will share our daily kindness each day throughout the month at school, and hope the students do the same at home!
    Fastbridge:  With the exception of absences, we have completed our winter testing!  I am very proud of the progress and effort the students showed over the past few weeks.  Thanks for your continued support at home!
    2/14: Early Release and Valentine's parties
    2/17: No school, President's Day
    On the radar: 3/7 West Fun Fair! (more info to come in the following weeks)
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