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  • Welcome Families! 2016-2017 School Year

    Posted by Mrs. Jackson on 7/20/2016 6:00:00 AM

    Welcome to the new school year! I am so excited to get the new school year started with all of my fabulous students! Please keep updated by checking my classroom website as well as our second grade team website for upcoming events and important information!

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  • Word Study

    Posted by Jenna Jackson on 9/10/2016

    1. because

    2. here

    3. play

    4. us

    5. who


    Luke Goes To Bat

    extra, practice, position, hurried, cheered, roared, final, curb

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  • 9-14-16 Updates

    Posted by Jenna Jackson on 9/14/2016

    Guided reading groups and stations will begin next week! (9/19/16)

    Be ready to see your child come home with their reading folder and information on what you can do to help and support your child with their reading daily. 

    Our ELA Units have been focusing on...

    1. It is important to learn classroom routines and build a respectful classroom community in order ro become independent readers and writers.

    2. The elements of literature in reading and writing (character, setting, problem/conflict, solution/ending, message/lesson) work together to answer a reader's questions about what is happening in the story. 

    3. Writers follow steps--prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing--to create their writing pieces. 

    4. Writers include details and descriptions to share their thoughts clearly. 

    5. An author grabs a reader's attention, sequence events, chooses words carefully, expresses feelings clearly, and uses a conclusion. 

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  • 9-28-16

    Posted by Jenna Jackson on 9/28/2016

    We've been busy in 2nd grade!!

    Picture Day---Thursday, September 29

    Frield Trip--- Friday, September 30  (9:00-12:30 walking trip) Kids will want to wear comfortable shoes and possibly a rain jacket! Thanks for your help with this!

    Reading and ELA:

    In our ELA Units we have been working on:

    • Central Message and providing evidence

    • Character Traits

    • Recounting Stories

    • Theme


    • Completing our personal narratives this week! We have been working hard on creating stories about "overcoming obstacles"

    • We've learned about the writing process and have met with our "writing partners" to revise and edit our work.


    • We continue to work on complex number stories! (Addition, Subtraction, Missing parts, Extra information, Not-Enough information etc.)Our FIRST unit test will be Thursday of next week. We will review in class and kids will bring this home to be reviewed as well. Continue to practice addition and subtraction at home as well as EXPLAINING thinking as shown on the homework and remembering. :)

    Social Studies:

    • Community and government have been the focus leading up to our field trip this Friday!

    • Local, state, and national government

    • Laws, rules

    • Roles of leaders and citizens in communities

    Next week we will begin our science unit on Pebbles, Sand, and Silt! :) Please be on the look out for our Parent Letter to come home with your child explainging this unit. 


    Please remember to check your child's boomerang binder each night for home-fun, important information, notes, and also guided reading folders! Thanks!




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  • 10-8-16

    Posted by Jenna Jackson on 10/9/2016

    No School Monday 10-10-16! Columbus Day

    Parent Teacher Conferences October 19, 20, 21

    Reminders for dates/times will come home soon! :)

    ELA Unit 2

    Essential Questions:

    • What helps readers understand informational text?

    • How do readers determine the author's purpose?

    • How do readers identify the main topic of informational text?

    (text structure, text features, locate key information)

    High Frequency Words

    Week 1:








    Unit 2 starts Tuesday, October 11.

    Unit 1 Math tests will be graded and sent home soon!

    Some topics covered in this unit:

    Ones, Tens, Hundreds

    Representing numbers in different ways

    Combining numbers

    2-digit addition

    Pennies, Nickels, Dimes

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  • 10-19-16

    Posted by Jenna Jackson on 10/20/2016

    Thank you for joining me at Parent Teacher Conferences this week! I love to share information about your child with you and I SO appreciate all of your support!!

    Please continue to check the North School website for important updated school information!

    We've been busy in 2nd grade!

    Reading and ELA: we continue our unit on informational/nonfiction text. We have read and discussed informational books including text features and their purposes. 

    Also, our animal research writing project is in full swing! Ask your child which wild animal they have chosen to research. I encourage you to read and research about this animal at home or at the pubic library. They love when family gets involved with their work! :)

    We are using multiple sources of information to gather facts. Books, EPICBOOKS, Facts4Me and others...Remember to login to EPICBOOKS to read highly engaging books!

    Areas to focus on: Physical characteristics, diet, habitat and interesting facts


    Upcoming Dates to Remember:

    Monday, October 31---Halloween Parade and Party! Parade at 2:00 and party starts at 2:30 (Party helpers can come to set up at 2:15!!!)

    Tuesday, November 8--- NO SCHOOL-ELECTION DAY

    Friday, November 11---Veteran's Day, assembly and celebration

    Monday, November 14---BOOK FAIR STARTS

    Wednesday, November 16---EARLY RELEASE DAY, 2:00 dismissal

    Friday, November 18---End of Trimester 1

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  • 11-14-16

    Posted by Jenna Jackson on 11/14/2016

    North School Calendar below...

    Thanks for checking in!!!


    In ELA, we have continued learning more about informational texts and text features as well as author's purpose. We used our knowledge of text features to make our personal animal research books! Each student was responsible for selecting and researching an animal using many resources. We looked into physical characteristics, diet, habitat and interesting facts. We also created a table of contents and glossary for our books. 

    We can't wait to share these with you at our Parents, PJ's and Pastries event on December 2 at 9:30 in our classroom!! :)

    We have now moved onto a new unit focusing on literature- particularily fables and folktales, writing a narrative piece, and story structure. 



    We completed our unit 2 math test today. Please continue  to practice basic facts and double digit addition and money values/counting at home. 

    This next unit will focus on measurement. 3.1 will begin on Tuesday, 11/15! Thank you for your continued support!



    Dates to Remember:

    11/15-- Book Fair begins

    11/16--Early Release

    11/23-11/25-- No School, Thanksgiving Break

    12/2-- Parents, PJ's and Pastries 9:30

    12/7 and 12/8-- MAP testing Winter session

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  • 11-22-16

    Posted by Jenna Jackson on 11/22/2016

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving!!

    I am thankful for you all!!


    It is that time of your where students are running thin on supplies like scissors, markers, pencils, colored pencils, glue sticks, etc. These items are great ideas for Christmas/holiday gifts! As always, thank you for all your support of our classroom! :-)


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  • March Updates in 2nd Grade

    Posted by Jenna Jackson on 3/13/2017 9:00:00 AM

    Happy March!!

    We have been very busy in 2nd grade! 

    We just completed group fairytale plays and Mrs. Sutter will be recording them for us so we can show you all the hard work we have done!

    Our New ELA unit will begin this week:


    been, knew, much, room, write

    Essential Questions:

    1. How do readers identify the main topic of a multi-paragraphinformational text?

    2. Why is it important to determine an author's purpose for writing an informational text?

    3. Why do readers and writers gather information from different sources to support a topic?


    In reading groups we will be learning and reading about biographies! Students will be reading about important people in history. We will be writing a multiple parapgraph informative piece about a famous person of their choosing--in the coming weeks. :)



    Objectives for unit 6:

    Use drawings to represent amounts of hundreds, tens, and ones in 3-digit numbers.

    Read and write numbers to 1,000 using base ten numerals, number names, and expanded form.

    Compare 3-digit numbers

    Count within 1,000, skip count by 10's, 5's, 2's

    Add or subtract 10 or 100 to a given number 100-900

    Add and subtract within 1,000

    Use addition and subtraction within 1,000 to solve word problems. 

    Dates to Remember:

    Friday, March 17-- St. Patrick's Day

    Friday, Macrh 24-- Variety Show Performance and last day before spring break

    Monday, April 3-- Classes resume

    Monday, April 10-- APEX returns to North :)



    We are in need of SUPPLIES!!! Many students no longer have scissors, crayongs, colored pencils, and pencils! The dollar store has so many great options--we have lots of school time left and many projects to complete. Thank you for all your help!

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