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  • Get Connected to Seesaw

    Posted by Jodi Pesola on 10/7/2019

    Please get connected to our classroom Seesaw to receive the latest updates, including work posted to your child's personal journal, classroom news, and photos. Just click the link below and connect by finding your child's name.  

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  • Guidelines for Keeping Children Home From School

    Posted by Jodi Pesola on 10/4/2019
    • Fever 
    • Your child should stay home if he/she has a fever. The American Academy of Pediatrics definition of fever is 101 degrees or greater. Your child can return to school after he/she has been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications.
    • Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)
    • If your child's eyes are swollen, red or they are draining, he/she should stay home. If your child was diagnosed with Conjunctivitis, he/she may return to school 24 hours after the first dose of prescribed medication.
    • Rashes
    • Your child should stay home if he/she has a rash you cannot identify. A child with a rash should not return to school until a health care provider has made a diagnosis and determined that the rash is not contagious.
    • Strep Throat
    • If your child has been diagnosed with strep throat, your child should remain at home until he/she has been on antibiotics for a full 24 hours and fever free for a 24-hour period before returning to school.
    • Vomiting/Diarrhea
    • If your child has vomited more than once or has had persistent diarrhea during the previous evening or the current morning, he/she should stay home from school. He/she may return to school only after being symptom-free for 24 hours.
    • Colds
    • Please keep your child home from school if he/she has a moist, productive cough, chest congestion, or thick nasal discharge. Continuous greenish discharge may be a sign of infection and you should consider consulting your health care provider.
    • A sick child cannot learn effectively and is unable to participate fully in classes in a meaningful way. Keeping a sick child home from school prevents the spread of illness to others in the school and allows your child to rest and recover.
    • In addition to the guidelines listed above, please keep your child home from school if your are aware of any communicable disease your child may be carrying that has not been treated and could be passed to others. This is for your child's safety as well as the other students in your child's school. Thank you for your help in keeping your child's school a healthy environment!
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  • South Elementary Student and Parent Guidelines and Procedures

    Posted by Jodi Pesola on 9/2/2019 7:00:00 AM
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  • Book Orders due by Friday, Sept. 6

    Posted by Jodi Pesola on 9/2/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Scholastic Book Orders

    Every online order will earn our class a free book pick!!

    Throughout the year, your child will have the opportunity to order books through Scholastic Books. I will send a book order form(s) home with your child approximately once a month. You can either view the month’s selections and submit your order online by clicking the direct link below OR you can return the printed order form with a check made out to Scholastic Book Club.

    Parent Code: DVCNJ 


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  • Fall MAP Testing

    Posted by Jodi Pesola on 8/30/2019 8:00:00 AM

    Fall MAP Testing Schedule:

    Tues., Sept. 3 - MAP Reading from 10:20-11:20am

    Thurs., Sept 5 - MAP Math from 10:20-11:20am

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  • South PTO TAP Needs Your Help

    Posted by Jodi Pesola on 8/30/2019 7:00:00 AM
    Dear Parents,
    Our Teacher Assistant Program (TAP) is seeking volunteers from each classroom to help out in our workroom.  TAP's job is to assist teachers with clerical work such as copying, laminating, cutting, etc, giving teachers more time to focus on teaching. 
    Volunteers can assist in the following ways:
    -Stop in before, during or after school to work. The timing is flexible. (Just check in at the office first)
    -Take jobs home (such as trimming lamination) and return the next day.
    -Come to our TAP Drop-In nights
    We currently do all of our communication through WhatsApp. Parents can download the app and use the following link to join our group and receive TAP updates and volunteer opportunities.

    We will be doing a TAP Room tour/training on the following dates. Stop in to learn more about how you can help out our amazing teachers and staff.
    Friday, August 30th, 10-11am
    Thursday Sept 5th, 2-3pm
    Thank you!
    Matia Malek and the TAP volunteers
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  • Parent Night

    Posted by Jodi Pesola on 8/25/2019 7:00:00 AM


    Please mark your calendars to attend one of the classroom sessions listed below for Parent Night on Thurs., Sept. 12. I will be reviewing classroom and curriculum information and will answer any questions you have about fifth grade. Can't wait to see you!


    6:00-6:30 - Encore Presentation in the Gym/EC presentation in the Art Room

    6:40-7:10 - Session 1 in Classroom 

    7:20-7:50 - Session 2 in Classroom (repeat of session 1)

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