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  • 1.28.20

    Posted by Kimberly Lancaster on 1/28/2020

    We talked about and sent e-mail messages to core teachers expressing various concerns.  Gratitude.  Questions.  Greetings.  We also accessed the Huskies' House homework document at the Huskies' House district webpage.  In addition, we accessed our grades, considered missing work, and made decisions about whether or not SnL lunch is in the works for today.  We also read independently.

    Students took a reading test today, and they will take their math tests tomorrow.  Please ensure that your child returns to school tomorrow with a charged Chromebook and earbuds.  Thank you so much.


    Students should read and study roots/affixes.  As well, we ask students to access their online grades with you and discuss them.

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  • 1.27.20

    Posted by Kimberly Lancaster on 1/27/2020

    Students checked their grades and recorded missing assignments to prepare for lunch today in Ms. Miller's room.  As well, students read "Romeo and Juliet at the Mall" and analyzed characters.

    Of late, students have been coming to class unprepared.  All students should be engaged in individualized daily reading.  Students should not only have their current IDR book, but also have their next book if they are nearing the end of their current book.  Students should be reading at home each night.  Thank you for your support.

    Students should read, study 27/28 roots/affixes for this Friday's quiz, and check and discuss grades online with parents.


    All students will be testing tomorrow and Wednesday.  It is imperative that all students come to school with their Chromebooks fully charged and with their earbuds.  Thank you for your help.

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  • 1.24.20

    Posted by Kimberly Lancaster on 1/24/2020

    Students took the 25/26 roots/affixes quiz, prepared for next week's 27/28 quiz, read "Thank You, M'am" by Langston Hughes, and watched the movie edition.  We talked about external and internal conflict as well as cause and effect.

    Students should read over the weekend and review roots/affixes.

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  • 1.22.20

    Posted by Kimberly Lancaster on 1/22/2020

    We engaged in a sketch-to-stretch activity involving Lewis Carroll's Jabberwock.  We also reviewed 25/26 roots/affixes for Friday's quiz and practiced monologues for tomorrow's delivery.


    Students who were absent today are to see me to come in for lunch to use a red literature book (page 459), read "Jabberwocky," and answer the "Thinking through the Literacture" feature questions one and two.  Students who were absent will still perform tomorrow as they were provided their monologue last week.


    Students should, of course, read, study roots/affixes, and practice monologues.  Have a great night.

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  • 1.21.20

    Posted by Kimberly Lancaster on 1/21/2020

    Monologuists practiced their monologue for this Thursday's performance.  As well, scholars read the next chapter in Peak.


    Students should read, practice their monologues for Thursday's performance, and study 25/26 roots/affixes for this Friday's quiz.

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  • 1.16.20

    Posted by Kimberly Lancaster on 1/16/2020

    Students took their 23/24 roots/affixes qiuz today and prepared for next week's 25/26 roots/affixes quiz.  As well, students were assigned and practiced their monologue.  The performance will be on Thursday, 1.23.20, and students know their rubric is in their Google Classroom.  Please have your child practice with you all weekend and beginning next week.  Thank you.


    Students should read, study roots/affixes, and practice their monologue.

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  • 1.15.20

    Posted by Kimberly Lancaster on 1/15/2020

    Students in cores 1, 2, and 4 read "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury, noting setting, tone, and mood.  They also watched a video of the text.

    Students in core 3 completed comprehension work for yesterday's story.


    All students should spend time reading tonight and studying for tomorrow's units 23/24 roots/affixes quiz.

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  • 1.14.20

    Posted by Kimberly Lancaster on 1/14/2020

    Students in cores one, two, and four went to the LMC for their FastBridge testing.  They also finished reading yesterday's "Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed."

    Students in core three read "All Summer in a Day" and watched a video representation of the story.

    Students should read and study their 23/24 roots/affixes for Thursday's quiz.

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  • 1.13.20

    Posted by Kimberly Lancaster on 1/13/2020

    We read a piece and watched a video about science fiction writer Ray Bradbury.  We also began reading one of his stories called "Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed."  As well, we read Peak, adding to our chapter titles document.

    Students should read and prepare for THIS Thursday's 23/24 roots/affixes quiz.

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  • 1.10.20

    Posted by Kimberly Lancaster on 1/10/2020

    Students took their units 21/22 roots/affixes quiz today and began study of next week's quiz roots/affixes, units 23/24.  We also read another story by Shirley Jackson called "Charles," continuing our ntoice of situational irony in a literary work.

    Students should read and study roots/affixes.

    Have a great weekend.

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