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    Posted by Scott Copeland on 8/12/2019
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By Month

  • Unit 3

    RI.8.1 I can define/cite text evidence.

    RI.8.2 I can define theme/ main idea. I can write a summary.

    RI.8.5 I can examine a paragraph in nonfiction text and describe how it helps develop the key (main) concept. 

    W.8.2 I can develop the topic with well developed relevant content.

    W.8.8 I can gather relevant information from multiple sources.

    SL.8.5 I can integrate multimedia and visual displays into presentation.

    W 8.9 I can draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.

    W.8.10 I can write routinely over extended time and shortened time periods.

    1/13  5 Characteristics of Grit


    1/15  Fastbridge


    1/17  No School 

    1/6 Unit 3 introduction


    1/8 MAP Testing

    1/9 MAP Testing/Book Talks



    RI.8.1  I can define textual evidence that supports a claim.

    RI.8.2  I can define theme/ main idea. I can write a summary.

    RI.8.4 I can determine the meaning of unknown words using context clues.  I can explain the difference between literal and figurative language. 

    RI.8.5  I can summarize the main idea of a text. 

    RI.8.8  I can identify an author’s side of an argument.  I can differentiate between claims supported by facts from those supported by opinion.  I can judge if an author’s reasoning is sound (reliable), and evidence is relevant (significant) and sufficient (enough).

    W 8.4  I can produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

    W 8.3A  I can engage and orient the reader by establishing a context and point of view and introducing a narrator and/or characters; organize an event sequence that unfolds naturally and logically.

    W 8.3E  I can provide a conclusion that follows from and reflects on the narrated experiences or events.

    12/16  Yes/No Article

    12/17  Pic Evidence


    12/19  Assembly


    12/2  Elective Tour

    12/3  Is Torture Ever Justified?

    12/4  Why Learn Another Language?

    12/5  PC, Quiz


    11/18  WOD Test #4

    11/19  Watch PSAs

    11/20  Early Release, P/T conferences 5-8

    11/21  Roots 9

    11/22  Newsela 1210L

    11/11  Newsela 1040L

    11/12  Finish PSA

    11/13  Finish PSA

    11/14  Finish PSA

    11/15  PSA DUE

    11/4  "When do kids become adults"

    11/5  "When do kids become adults"

    11/6  "When do kids become adults"

    11/7  Book Talks

    11/8  End of trimester 1

    10/28  WOD Test





    10/21  Ch 1-5 quiz

    10/22  Roots 6/Articles

    10/23  Early Release



    10/15  Finish Project

    10/16  Tic Tac Toe Board Due, Start Ashes of Roses Ch 1 & 2

    10/17  Ch 3 & 4  

    10/18  Ch 5/comprehension questions












    Unit 1

    RL.8.1 I can define textual evidence that supports a claim.

    RL.8.2 I can define the theme/main idea and provide an objective summary. 

    RL.8.3 I can analyze how characters develop throughout a text.

    RL.8.4 I can determine the meaning of unknown words using context clues.

    I can determine how words/phrases used by an author impacts tone.

    RL.8.6 I can identify various points of view. I can point out how different points of view affect the story.

    W.8.2 I can develop the topic with well developed relevant content.

    10/7  Tic Tac Toe Project Introduced 

    10/8  Perspective Paper Due




    9/30  The Outsiders Movie

    10/1  The Outsiders Movie

    10/2  Perspective

    10/3  Perspective

    10/4  WOD Quiz

    9/23  Perspective


    9/25  Early Release, ReadWorks, Newsela, Roots 3

    9/26  Book Talks

    9/27   Comprehension questions

    9/16  Newsela 1210L

    9/17  Chapter 8 vocabulary, Roots 2




    9/9  Analogies 1

    9/10  Analogies 2

    9/11  Fastbridge Testing


    9/13  WOD TEST

    9/3  Chapter 3 After Reading

    9/4  Math Map Testing

    9/5  Reading Map Testing  Parent Night

    9/6  Math MAP-Round 2


    8/26  Finish After reading for Chapter 1

    8/27  Picture/Disaster Day




    8/21  Early Release

    8/22  Finish Student Interest Survey

    8/23  No Homework