Project B3
  • Be Kind - Be Aware of the Impact of Words and Pictures


    What we do at D47:

    What you can do at home:

    Discuss the issues of cyberbullying

    • Discuss with students the impact of how words sent via text or a post might be interpreted differently by different kids.
    • Discuss the importance of re-reading or stepping away from a device before hitting send or responding to a post.
    • Discuss the importance of telling a trusted adult if you feel threatened or bullied or if you see it happening to someone else.
    • Discuss the importance of not sharing or forwarding harmful or unkind posts or images.
    • Model for your child the way to appropriately interact with peers.
    • Emphasize that adults encounter many of the same issues as students online.
    • Have open dialogue about how to respond to people you disagree with.
    • Discuss the impact to your family if any of the information posted was publicized in the local newspaper, or if a grandparent were to see it.
    • Discuss the consequences (personal and/or legal) for posting threatening information online.

    For information regarding apps your child might be using or for issues that students are dealing with while online, please visit the
    Project B3 blog.


Be Safe Be Smart Be Kind