Project B3
  • Be Smart - Be Aware of What You Post Online


    What we do at D47:

    What you can do at home:

    Educate students about their “digital footprint.” 

    • Discuss that future colleges and employers will be looking at what they post online as part of their background search.
    • Discuss how to build a positive image (resume) utilizing social media.
    • Discuss the permanent nature of posting to the internet.
    • Discuss what to do if a mistake is made online.

    Follow your child on social media and discuss the impact of the things that they post online.

    • Discuss what is appropriate to post online.
    • Discuss how to limit and secure an online profile.
      • How to make Instagram private
      • Who should be allowed to "follow" your child and who should be blocked

    Monitor student posts and search terms within Google Apps for Education via GoGuardian smart alerts.

    Use monitoring apps to help guide your child as he/she navigates social media.

Be Safe Be Smart Be Kind