• Week of: May 25, 2020

    Posted by Jill Ferretti on 5/25/2020

    Happy Memorial Day and the start of our last week of school!!!  You have done such an amazing job getting through the end of the school year and remote learning :)  I hope that you have a fun last few days of school and enjoy every single minute of summer vacation.  Can't wait to see you back at South Elementary School in August but for now enjoy some sunshine and well-deserved free time!!!  

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  • Week of: May 18, 2020

    Posted by Jill Ferretti on 5/18/2020

    Congratulations- We are in our final full week of school!!!  Feel free to open the letter that you received from me last week and check out your Penny Board for how to complete this week's activity.

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  • Week of: May 11, 2020

    Posted by Jill Ferretti on 5/11/2020

    I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  Check your email for this week's student Penny Board assignments.  Also keep an eye out in the mail this week for a letter marked "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 5/18/2020"... this is for next week's assignment ;)

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  • Week of: May 4, 2020

    Posted by Jill Ferretti on 5/4/2020

    We have made it to May and are officially counting down until Summer Vacation!!!  Check your emails for this week's "Penny Board" lessons.  Miss you dearly but I am so proud of all my speech kiddos :)

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  • Week of: April 27, 2020

    Posted by Jill Ferretti on 4/27/2020

    Welcome to another week of remote learning for speech :)  Penny Board speech lessons for the week will be arriving to your inboxes this morning.  As always, please let me know if I can answers questions, provide support, or follow-up with you for any reason.  Thanks!

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  • Week of: April 20, 2020

    Posted by Jill Ferretti on 4/20/2020

    Happy Monday- speech friends and families :) 

    So the end of our school year will not be what anyone had expected or planned but we will all work together to make the very best of it.  And we will make sure to plan for an epic Speech "Dojo point- Prize Party" when we get back to South for the 2020-2021 school year!!!

    I hope that you had a lovely weekend.  Check you emails for this week's "penny board" speech assignments.  Let me know if you have any questions or need any support to complete the activities.  Miss you all so much!

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  • Week of: April 13, 2020

    Posted by Jill Ferretti on 4/13/2020

    Spring is definitely in the air and hopefully will be here to stay soon!  This week speech students will be enjoying some nature themed lessons on their individualized penny boards.  Hope everyone has a great week :)

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  • Week of: April 6, 2020

    Posted by Jill Ferretti on 4/6/2020

    This week speech students will be receiving emails from their case managers containing individualized Special Education Penny Boards.  These Penny boards contain the week's lesson that will coordinate with IEP goals being targeted for the week.  Please contact Mrs. Ferretti if you have any issues accessing the documents or questions about the assignments.

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  • March 31, 2020

    Posted by Jill Ferretti on 3/31/2020

    Dear Parents, Guardians, Caregivers and Students,

    We are all traveling on a new path at this time.  Missing school and routines is never easy for any of us, but I fully intend to support the speech and language students as best I can during this time.  I will be providing intervention through the possibilities of email, google documents, and zoom. I am available to students/parents via email (jmferretti@d47.org) during the regular school day hours (Monday's and Tuesday's for South Elementary School). It may be a bit before I can get back to you if I am working with other students.

    I will also try to make additional free resources available to students and families.  These may or may not apply to your student needs, but I am making them readily available for families in hopes that it helps make your time at home easier :)  Thanks as always for your continued support, flexibility, and collaboration :) 

    Free Online Resources:











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  • Week of: March 30, 2020

    Posted by Jill Ferretti on 3/30/2020

    Hello South Speech Families! 

    I hope that everyone enjoyed some sunshine and relaxation during your "staycation" Spring Break :)  As we offically begin this new week of school on Tuesday, it will be the very first time that we delve into "Remote Instructional Learning"!!!  Keep an eye out on Tuesday for an email from me with specific explanations and therapy activities designed for your student this first week.  Thanks for your time and collaboration as we embark on this new adventure in learning.

    Miss You Guys!!!
    Miss You Guys!!!

    Hope everyone is enjoying one last day of "staycation" Spring Break". I just wanted to check-in and say hi before we start back to learning tomorrow :)

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