• Miss Arvanitis’ 7th Grade Math Class Policies and Procedures


    Be Safe

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible



    • Chromebook
    • Pencils
    • Three ring binder (1 inch recommended)
    • Set of 5 dividers
    • Notebook
    • Colored pens/pencils
    • Earbuds
    • Calculator (for home use)



    For the most part, you will be given points for completion. From time to time, homework may be collected for a grade.

    • 3 points
      • Homework is completely done and all work is shown
    • 2 points
      • Homework is more than 50% completed with work shown
    • 1 point
      • Homework is less than 50% completed and little work is shown
    • 0 Points
      • Homework is not done


    As part of the learning process, students are allowed to fix any assignment and make corrections on any test within 2 weeks of the original due/test date. Grades will be adjusted accordingly.


    Late Work

    Homework that is turned in late will drop a completion point each day after the original due date.