• The goal of art education in District 47 middle schools is to provide students opportunities to experience self-expression through multiple modalities. Our commitment is to enhance students’ abilities to critique and appreciate diverse artistic endeavors and inspire students to continue growing as creative life-long artists.

    Learning Standards

    • Convey meaning of elements and principles through a variety of media and technology
    • Compare and contrast two pieces of artwork that share similar themes
    • Understand how tools, technologies and processes are used to create special effects
    • Demonstrate knowledge and skills to create 2- and 3-dimensional works
    • Discover career opportunities in the world of art
    • Understand the impact art has had on our past culture as well as our present society

    Student Choice

    All 6th-grade students will have six weeks of Art I. All 7th- and 8th-graders will rank their encore preferences. Each student will have the opportunity to choose intermediate art and/or advanced art in 7th and 8th grades.

    Class Descriptions

    Techniques, concepts, principles and elements advance year to year. Advanced students are expected to use more complex creative problem-solving skills and will explore more advanced abstract concepts.