• I am excited to use Community Circles in our classroom this year.  Please read below to find out more about them!

    What are Community Circles?  Students are given a platform to share, if they wish, or they can simply listen to their peers about their thoughts and feelings regarding the day ahead.  This provides students daily opportunities to relate and connect with one another.

    Why Community Circles?  They help children and adults build positive relationships with one another, teach and foster active listening, speaking, solution based skills and create a collaborative and safe classroom.

    When do Community Circles occur? As a whole class we will gather together each morning in our community circle to begin our day in a positive way.  Circles will also occur on an as needed basis. For example, if there is a topic that needs to be discussed that involves the whole class, a challenging situation or something related to a challenging academic topic, we will collaborate together in a community circle.