• Application FAQs:


    How do I start an application?

    You can start an employment application at any time by clicking onthe link above and choosing "Start an Application for Employment." You can use this application to apply to current, multiple and future job postings.


    How do I apply to a specific job posting?

    To apply to a specific posting, click on "View our open positions" at the link above, then choose the correct job category and click Apply next to the correct title. You will be able to start or edit an existing application before submitting your application.


    Do I need to complete a new application for each position I apply to?

    Once you have completed an application, you can use that application to apply to multiple and future postings. You can revise your application at any time by clicking on the "Continue/modify my application for employment."


    How do I use my existing application to apply to new job postings?

    Choose "Continue/modify my application for employment." Log in and edit. See page 4 of your application titled "Vacancy Desired," which shows all current job postings. Make sure there is a check box next to each job posting for which you are applying.


    I applied for a job through McHenry County. Do you receive those applications?

    We do not receive applications through McHenry County. We have our own online application system, specific to District 47.


    Besides applying online, what else do I need to do to be considered?

    That's it! There is no need to send paper resumes and materials to the CORE Center or to any school, as it will not be possible to link these materials with your application. Once you have applied online, the next step is to wait for communication regarding an interview or an email that the position has been filled.