• We will not be using the textbook this year; however, if you are looking for a resource you can access the textbook for help.

    Online support for the middle school math program is available to both students and parents through classzone.com.


    The website has links to the following:

    • online textbook
    • extra math help
    • additional practice
    • games and activities
    • animated math videos
    • quick reference information
    • sample practice assessments


    **The online textbook is available only if you log in and make a free account with the provided activation code. Once you make an account you can log in with your username and password and access it for the entire year. Below are the activation codes for each course as well as instructions for getting set up.


    Regular ---> McDougal Littell Math Course 2 (purple book) activation code: 96017771 - 30

    Accelerated ---> McDougal Littell Math Course 3 (green book) activation code: 96017771 - 50


    Getting Set-Up

    1. Go to classzone.com
    2. Select your subject: "Middle School Math"
    3. Select your state: Choose "Illinois" from the drop down menu or click on the state from the picture
    4. Find your book: Click on "Go". Then select your text book either Course 2 or 3 (see above)
    5. Now you have access to all practice activities. To have access to the online textbook click on "Online Book" in the lower left corner of the page
    6. Click on the box next to "Don't display this message again" and then click on "Continue"
    7. On the right side of the screen under "New Visitors" click on "Create a Student Account"
    8. Enter the activation code associated with your textbook (see above) and then click "Continue"
    9. Follow the online directions under "New Visitors" to Create a Student Account.


    Please email me at klewandowski@d47.org if you have any questions or problems with getting set up.