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    Policies and Procedures


    Birthday Treats

    In order to promote and foster healthier student choices and to be mindful of the many food allergies present in our school, we respectfully request that parents provide only non-food items when celebrating birthdays at school. Suggested items include books, puzzles, small toys, goodie bags, pencils, stickers, coloring books, playdough, etc. Please remember sending a special treat is optional.  



    If your child is ill and will not be in attendance, please call Wehde at 815.477.6968 to report his or her absence. Please keep in mind that your child’s absence must be reported each day he or she is not at school, and that bus drivers are not allowed to relay messages of absences from the home to school.


    To determine whether or not to keep your child home from school, please see the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines below:


    1. The illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in program activities.


    2. The child has a fever, unusual lethargy, persistent crying or difficulty breathing. Please remember a child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.


    3. Diarrhea not contained by diapers or toilet use.


    4. Vomiting two or more times in the previous 24 hours.


    5. Rash with a fever or behavior change until a physician has determined the illness to be non-communicable.


    6. Purulent conjunctivitis (pink eye with a cloudy drainage) until examined by a physician and approved for readmission, with or without treatment.


    7. TB, until the physician’s states a child is non-infectious.


    8. Impetigo, until 24 hours after treatment has been initiated.


    9. Streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat), until 24 hours after treatment has been initiated and until the child is fever free for 24 hours.


    10. Head lice, until the morning after the first treatment and removal of all nits. District 47 has a nit-free policy.


    11. Scabies, until after treated has been completed.


    12. Varicella, (chicken pox), until after onset of rash or sooner if all lesions have dried and crusted.


    13. Pertussis, (whooping cough confirmed by naso-pharynx swabbing) until after the fifth day of appropriate antibiotic treatment.


    14. Mumps, until 9 days after onset of parotid gland swelling.


    15. Hepatitis A, until one week after onset of illness and jaundice has disappeared or until immunoprophalaxis treatment has been administered.




    Per District policy, medication, both prescription and non-prescription, will be given during school hours when prescribed by a licensed prescriber. The District 47 medication form must be completely filled out and signed by the licensed prescribed and parent / guardian prior to administration. Bus drivers may not transport medication to school. All medication must be brought to school by the parent or guardian.




    Due to a building-wide concern regarding security, our school has adopted the following procedure. Any time a parent visits our program or brings a child into the school building, he or she must first stop at the early childhood office to sign in. The office will notify a staff member to retrieve the child or you will be given a visitor’s badge to enter the facility. No one is allowed in the halls without a badge. If you plan to pick up your child early, please notify your classroom teacher in advance, enter the early childhood office and we will notify your child’s teacher upon your arrival.


    Toilet Training 

    Due to the large number of children attending our program who are in various stages of toilet training, Wehde has created the following guidelines: 


    1. Students must wear diapers or pull-ups to school until they are consistently dry and are able to indicate a need to use the toilet.


    2. We will not train students at school until they are successfully trained at home.


    3. Please be sure that your child has a clean, dry diaper before he/she gets on the bus. Children’s diapers will only be changed if they have a bowel movement, are obviously wet or indicate a need to be changed.


    4. If a child isn’t yet toilet trained, parents are asked provide (and label) the following items:


      • a change of clothes (two pairs of pants) 
      • one container of wet wipes
      • diapers/pull-ups (no cloth diapers, please)