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    Our Environment


    Learning is conducive to a safe, strategic and well-organized environment. Careful consideration has taken place in the set-up and organization of Wehde’s classrooms and outdoor areas, which include:


    • Distinct interest areas: blocks; a "house corner;" table toys; art, sand and water play; cooking; music and movement; computers; library; and outdoors.
    • A wide variety of learning materials for each area with the curriculum goals in mind so that no matter where children choose to play, they are learning.
    • Materials strategically placed on low shelves, in containers and on hooks so children can obtain them independently.
    • Neat and uncluttered shelves so materials are easier to see and find.
    • Organized materials with like objects grouped together so children learn to sort and classify, skills which are important to understanding and solving math problems.
    • Well-identified (with picture labels) containers and shelves so children know where materials belong and learn the importance of organization.