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    A Team Approach


    The Wehde Early Childhood program is staffed by teachers, who are college educated with certification in both special education and early childhood specialization, as well as specialists from the following disciplines: speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, school psychology, school social work, and school nursing. Classroom learning activities are provided or facilitated by the early childhood teacher, as well as other members of the multidisciplinary team as part of the overall educational program.


    At Wehde, all early childhood special education staff members are part of a team, where professional roles and expertise are shared among team members, parents and others involved in providing services to students. A team approach is taken, based on a common need for the integration of philosophy, personnel and services. This approach allows the classroom teacher to know and implement strategies used by other professionals (a speech and language therapist, for example) with a particular child. While the classroom teacher does not replace the role of the therapist, he or she can extend and enhance the services provided by implementing some of the techniques. Children are carefully monitored and encouraged in their progress by all team members.