• books

    District 47 follows a balanced reading instruction model and our daily instruction includes the following components:

    • Whole Group Instruction and Read Aloud
      Together students receive explicit instruction on targeted reading strategies (word-solving strategies, making meaning through a variety of text, reading fluently and applying our comprehension)
    • Shared Reading
      Together we have many opportunities to read grade level text.  During Shared Reading we closely read the same text for different purposes and discuss strategies that help us as we read.  
    • Guided Reading Groups
      Your child will bring home familiar books of his or her very own and they will go home in their daily take home folder. These are books that they have read with me during guided reading. It is important that your child read 20 minutes each night in order to continue to practice the variety of strategies that they are learning throughout our day together. Please remember to spend a few minutes discussing what has been read and having those powerful book conversations before, during and after with your child.
    • Independent Reading
      Each day your child spends time getting comfortable and reading books that he or she has chosen for the simple pleasure of enjoying a good book! We call this Read-to-Self time. Every child has his or her own “book box” and has been given explicit instruction on how to choose a “just right book.” Students can exchange books and as a class we will share recommended reads and introduce newly acquired books to the class.