Learning Environment

learning environment
  • GOAL: To cultivate a supportive learning environment that is safe, inclusive, innovative and engaging



    • 3: Assess and support the social and emotional needs of all students
    • 4: Assess and support PreK through grade 2 early learners who are delayed in their readiness


    Strategy 3 focus for the 2018-19 school year:

    • Explore social-emotional programs as a potential districtwide pilot program for next year
    • Provide certified staff with social-emotional training, including functions of behavior, trauma, and resiliency.
    • Train several staff members from each school to lead restorative “circles,” where students and the teacher sit in a circle to engage in a healthy dialogue as a way to build relationships and address conflicts.  


    Strategy 4 focus for the 2018-19 school year:

    • Collect and study research and best practices in early literacy and early childhood, including academics and social-emotional learning.
    • Research professional development opportunities for current D47 offerings in Pre-k through 2nd grade.
    • Visit and observe PreK through 2nd-grade classrooms within and outside of District 47.