Growing as Readers

  • District 47 is dedicated to helping students reach the highest levels of success possible.  As readers in District 47, students will be provided with various text types, and will be supported as they continue to engage in texts written at higher levels. District 47 utilizes a variety of assessments to determine the guided reading level that a student is reading at during a particular time. These assessments include: Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System, Running Records, and CBMReading Passages. The graphic below outlines the range of guided reading levels that students experience as they grow and progress during their elementary and middle school years. The goal for all students is to help them become capable of reading more difficult texts as they grow and mature during their time in District 47.


    In order for a child to progress along the above reading level spectrum, they must: 


    • Independently read texts at or near their independent guided reading level; 
    • Engage in meaningful small group reading experiences with texts written at their instructional level;
    • Be exposed to a great deal of text written at their specific grade level during whole class lessons.