Dual Language Program FAQs

  • What are the expectations of the English-Spanish Dual Language program?


    The goals of the dual language program are that after eight years of instruction students will be able to:


    • Develop proficiency in Spanish and English
    • Learn to communicate effectively through reading and writing in two languages at a level appropriate for their age level
    • Achieve grade-level academic performance in Spanish and English
    • Develop and nurture understanding of different cultures
    • Continue to develop their bilingual proficiencies at the high school level

    Do all schools in District 47 offer dual language?

    District 47 offers dual language programs for students at the following schools: Coventry, Canterbury, North, Hannah Beardsley Middle School, and Lundahl Middle School. Final classroom sections will be decided.

    What are the criteria for admission into the program?

    The district hosts informational meetings about dual language for incoming kindergarten families during kindergarten registration each year. Due to the high interest in the program, parents are strongly encouraged to register their child as soon as possible and indicate their interest in the program by attending one of the informational meetings and filling out the Dual Language Application. 

    Kindergarten siblings of students currently enrolled in D47’s Dual Language program MUST register their kindergarten student by Dual Language application deadline to be guaranteed placement into the program. Kindergarten siblings registered after this date will be prioritized based on space availability. 

    If a student is coming from a dual language program in another district, he or she will be assessed to determine if D47's dual language program is the best placement. If so, the student will be placed in the program if space allows.

    Will my child progress through the regular curriculum for his or her grade?

    Yes. Dual language classes follow the District 47 adopted curriculum. All teachers teach to the new Illinois learning standards as well as the Spanish language arts standards through biliteracy units of study. While the teaching looks different in a dual language classroom, all students are taught appropriate grade-level standards. Through a variety of instructional strategies, students learn the academic content while developing proficiency in both languages. Besides core academics, dual language classes emphasize cultural awareness and diversity.

    Will my child fall behind in basic skills such as reading, writing and math because of learning a second language?

    No. National studies show that students in dual language programs perform as well or better than their peers on achievement tests in math, reading and writing.

    Will my child learn to read and write in English or Spanish first?

    District 47's dual language program has adopted a biliteracy approach to reading and writing. This means that all students learn to read and write in both English and Spanish starting in Kindergarten.

    What are the benefits for my child in the Dual Language program?

    There are many reasons families choose to participate in the dual language program: multicultural appreciation, benefit of learning a second language at an early age, career opportunities, and ability to develop social skills for life in a multicultural world. In addition, research has shown that students who remain in the dual language program develop greater critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Native English-speaking children will develop Spanish as a second language at an early age while continuing to grow in English. For the native Spanish-speaking child, the dual language class helps develop English as a second language while continuing to enrich and develop their native literacy. All children will learn academic skills while developing bilingual proficiency.

    What if I change my mind after my child is in the program?

    Parents are key to the success of any program. Upon registering a child for dual language, families are asked to commit their child to the program through eighth grade. Because bilingual proficiency is a long-term commitment and space available for English-speaking students is limited, parents are asked to carefully consider whether enrolling their child in the program is right for them.


    What if I move to a new D47 address while my child is enrolled in the Dual Language program? (updated March 13, 2019)

    If a family moves after initial placement has been made, they will need to complete a change of address form and follow the D47 change of address procedure which can be found here.  Please note the following:

    • An address change may affect Dual Language school placement. Parents may choose to stay at the previous school so their children can finish out the school year at the current school.
    • We cannot guarantee that your student will remain at the current Dual Language school for the remaining years in the program but every effort will be made to continue in the Dual Program at one of our Dual Language schools.
    • In general, this chart guides placement at D47 Dual Language schools; however, it does not guarantee a placement at a particular school as enrollment changes each year.

    Who should I contact if I have questions?

    For more information on the dual language program, contact Rebecca Morton, Director of Dual Language and English Language Learner programs, at rmmorton@d47.org