• Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC)

    School districts that have Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) programs are required to establish a Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC). The committee participates in the planning, operation, and evaluation of the TBE program. The committee is comprised of parents of children in the TBE program and other interested community members. Two-thirds of the committee members must be parents of students in the bilingual education program. All parents of students in the bilingual education program are invited to become members of the committee. The BPAC committee hosts events for families of students in the bilingual education program. Childcare is provided at these events; see below for meeting schedule. To learn more about BPAC, contact Marilyn Massart at mmassart@d47.org.


    BPAC Mission Statement

    The mission of the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee is for parents, staff and the school district to work together in order to meet the needs of all bilingual students. The goal of the BPAC is to help parents of ELLs develop leadership skills for effective participation in schools and advocate on the behalf of all ELLs. We will use the resources of the entire community, including students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and business leaders.


    BPAC Committee Members:

    Alejandra León 

    Brenda Chavez

    Zoila Diaz

    Zoila Acosta

    Maria Cardozo 

    Coty Reyes

    Ciro Perez

    Mary Tellez