• If you sign up to be a Mystery Reader in our classroom, I will send you an informational note prior to your date.  When you receive that note, you will need to fill it out with 4 clues about yourself and then send it back to me.  Clues should spark interest, but not give you away!  Examples are your favorite hobby, food, or where you were born.  I will share these clues with the class on the days leading up to your visit.  During your visit you will read one book to the class.


    Remember, Mystery Readers are a mystery, so SHHHH... don't tell your child you are coming!


    Here are the dates to choose from (if you would like to be a Mystery Reader, but these dates don't work, email me and we can work something out):




    Friday, March 6 - Carol Ceas

    Friday, March 13 - Stern

    Friday, April 3 - Habura

    Friday, May 1 - 

    Friday, May 8 - 

    Friday, May 15 - Sara Frisch


    Mystery Reader Note