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    The Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) is a professional music education and advocacy organization.  This one day festival takes place in November.  Any student is welcome to audition but if you are not available for the Festival Date, do not audition please.  Typically 8th grade students are chosen, but we have had 7th grade students chosen in the past.  There are about 62 schools across Northern Illinois involved in IMEA and over 500 students audition.  The band generally involves about 110 students, and there are two jazz bands of about 25 students each.  If you look at the statistics, to be chosen as a participant in either of these groups is an honor and is a demonstration of your exemplary ability.  I encourage all who wish to participate, to try.  Good Luck!  MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL OF THE MATERIAL!!  Auditionees will need to prepare ALL of the material.  The Scale Sheet, the Etude, and the excerpts of music.  Please do not audition for this group if you cannot attend the festival.

    Auditions We hope this finds you well as the school year comes to an end. All required audition music for the 2018 ILMEA junior Jazz Festival is included in each packet. Auditions are on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Northbrook Jr. High School 

    The Jazz Festival will take place on Saturday, November 23, 2018 at Lake Zurich High School.

    Festival The District 7 Junior Festival will be held on Saturday, November 2nd at Main West High School in DesPlaines.


    Winds & Percussion for the Concert Band Festival on November 2nd.  

    Scales:      ILMEA Junior Scales      Etudes:   Set 1


     Students and parents please download the Audition Deposit Letter and attach the second sheet to the envelop with the $10 deposit.  The music can be found by clicking on the link with your instrument you would audition on. The Festival Band will be conducted by Mr. Bryan Miller, Leyden High Schools.  I have known Bryan for many many years and he is excellent.  He as also served as an adjudicator at many of the IGSMA Festivals. Please make sure you have all of the music in your packets when you download them or get them from Mr. Guynes.  

    Repertoire: Carnegie Anthem byWilliam Owens,  American Riversongs byh Pierre LaPlante,  Redemption by Rossano Galante, 

    Southwest Saga by Robert Sheldon. 


    The first thing you will need to print is this list of Printing Errors in American Riversongs from Pierre LePlant.  Many of them are rather severe so please make a note of these changes.  Auditionees will be responsible to know these changes in the printed music.


     Piccolo   Flute      Oboe   Clarinet  Bass Clarinet  Alto Saxophone   Tenor Sax  Baritone Sax

    French Horn  Trumpet   Trombone   Baritone/Euphonium BC  Tuba  Percussion


    IMEA JAZZ Festival is Auditions are on the same day,  Saturday, September 21, 2018 at Northbrook Jr. High School.   The IMEA Jazz Festival takes place on   Saturday, November 23, 2018 at Lake Zurich High School.  Please do not audition for this group if you cannot attend the festival.  

    These files have to be password protected, so just e-mail me and I will send you the password.  If I do not respond within 24 hours, e-mail me again.

    Audition Requirements for Jazz Ensemble.

    I encourage all of those who plan on auditioning for ILMEA Festival in September consider attending this workshop.  Those that came out last year can attest to the effectiveness. The kids had a lot of fun and learned a ton! Let’s see how many kids we can reach this year! Cost is very affordable, you can attend 1 Workshop (either June or August) for $10, or if you register for Both Workshops - $15 total.  Information can be found by clicking on the  ILMEA Summer Jr. Jazz Workshops Flyer

    Just click on the District 7 Junior Jazz Workshop Registration Link to register for the workshops.

    1. Etude
    Real Easy Book - 3-horn edition “Sonnymoon for Two”

    2. Prepared Selections



     Alto Sax    Tenor Sax   Bari Sax

    Trombone    Trumpet    Piano

    Bass  Vibes   Guitar    Drum Set



     There are also a few things that will help you prepare your auditions here:

    F Blues Practice Track      F Blues Practice Track #2   Rhythm Section Voicings    Blues Audition Track for Piano & Guitar

    Scale Sheets




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