Students have been learning more about measurement.  Unit 3 started off by talking about things that can be measured and the different units that are used.  When we are exploring and discussing the various forms of measurement, we do work with the US standards of measurement mostly and a bit of the metric system.  Students have been learning about weight such as ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms. They have practiced using inches to measure length. In addition, students are using gallon, quart, pint, and cup for liquid measurement.  Milliliter and liter have also been introduced. Your child is encouraged to look around their house or grocery store for different ways things are measured and what unit was used. Next week, we will be moving on to time.  



    We have continued our space exploration.  Students are really enjoying and learning so much about our solar system!  Did you know that the sun is a star? There are a lot more facts that your child has learned, too.  These were used to make a sun mobile. If you come to Open House, these will be hanging around the classroom.  Students have also learned about the immense power and fuel it takes for a space shuttle to launch into space. They are learning about the various parts of a shuttle and designing their very own. 


    Units of Study/Writing/Reading

    Immigration has been the focus these last few weeks.  Students are learning more about Ellis Island in New York as well as Angel Island in California.  They have learned that immigrating was not an easy journey or process. Students were asked to compare and contrast both of these immigration stations in the US. They sure did learn a lot!  We read a wonderful book titled The Memory Coat.  It was about a family from Russia who was immigrating to the United States.  Ask your child about the important event that happened in the story. Students were also asked to write about one special item they would bring with them if they were an immigrant.  They needed to tell why they chose that one very special thing. Many students found it hard to decide on just one thing.    

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    March 11- Progress Reports will be available to view

    March 12- the 2nd and 3rd Grade Concert 6:30-7:30

    March 13- MCSEEP water presentation at school 

    March 17- Wear Green

    March 21-March 29 SPRING BREAK