• Week of March 2, 2020

    Posted by Julie Grabner on 3/6/2020 2:00:00 PM

    This week we focused on the following skills:  literal and inferential questioning, vocabulary development, summarizing, and paragraph writing. We are nearing the end of our novel study on The Giver.  At the completion of the book, students will be working on a summative project to demonstrate their understanding of the text.  Next week, IAR district testing begins; students will be testing on Wednesday and Thursday. 

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  • Week of February 17, 2020

    Posted by Julie Grabner on 2/21/2020 2:00:00 PM

    We are through Chapter 12 in The Giver.  Students took a quiz that consisted of both vocabulary and comprehension questions, and they did great!  I was super impressed.  Along with our novel study, we continue to reinforce writing skills through paragraph writing and summarizing. 

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  • Week of February 10, 2020

    Posted by Julie Grabner on 2/14/2020 2:00:00 PM

    This week we continued our book study of The Giver.  Students have learned many new vocabulary terms and will have a quiz next week.  After every three chapters, students answer both literal and inferential questions and write a summary.  Students have improved on their summarizing skills....way to go! The characters in the book are "given" jobs based on their aptitudes, so we took an aptitude test to determine our strengths and what jobs might suit us when we are older.  Ask your child about their future job recommendations. 

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  • Week of January 27, 2020

    Posted by Julie Grabner on 1/31/2020 12:00:00 PM

    This week we endured district testing and special schedules.  We continued our novel study of The Giver.  Students practiced reading aloud, answered both literal and inferential questions, and learned new vocabulary terms.  Students also produced a written summary to highlight the main events that took place in the chapters. 

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  • Week of January 20, 2020

    Posted by Julie Grabner on 1/24/2020 12:00:00 PM

    We started a novel study this week. We are reading the book The Giver by Lois Lowry.  It is a story about a society with citizens who have no memories of its past, except for the individual known as The Receiver of Memory.  Citizens are not given freedom of choice.  Without choice, the elders of the society believe they can prevent negative elements, such as war and poverty. During this novel study, we will focus on vocabulary development, inferential questioning, and summarizing.  The students are already engaged in the storyline after the first three chapters.  On Friday, I conferenced one-on-one with each student about their independent reading.  Have a great weekend!




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  • Week of January 6, 2020

    Posted by Julie Grabner on 1/10/2020 2:00:00 PM

    Happy New Year!  I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and were able to get some rest and rejuvenate yourselves.  This week we had MAP testing.  Many students made great gains and that was very exciting to see.  You can expect to see reports come home in the near future.  We started a new read aloud this week called Egghead. Below is a summary of the book. 

    According to goodreads.com, "Will Reid is a gawky kid who wears fake turtlenecks, is obsessed by his ant farm project, and is lousy at gym. In other words, he's the perfect target for Shane, the Grade 9 bully. Katie has been Will's friend in elementary school, but defending him in the high school environment comes at an unforeseen cost - she dreads the rumours that link them in a boyfriend/girlfriend way she's never considered. Devan has been part of Shane's bullyboy team until now, when he comes to realize that it's not so smart to mindlessly back up each nasty attack of Shane's. Together the three young teens are struggling to find their way out of one of the classic dilemmas of life: how not to be a bystander to bullying, how to stand up for your friends, and how to deal with consuming rage. 

    I conferenced individually with each student regarding their independent reading books. Each student set a one-word goal for the year 2020.  Ask your child about their goal. We also practiced writing skills by writing paragraphs about what we did over Winter Break.  

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  • Week of December 16, 2019

    Posted by Julie Grabner on 12/20/2019 3:00:00 PM

    We had such a great time building and decorating gingerbread houses this week.  I hope you all enjoy them.  I wish you all a wonderful holiday full of family, fun, and laughter! 

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  • Week of December 9, 2019

    Posted by Julie Grabner on 12/13/2019 1:00:00 PM

    The past two weeks our stations focused on the skills of reading fluency, making inferences and creative writing.  We read a short story called "Heartbeat" and had to determine claims and evidence throughout.  We ended the week conferencing about the books each student is currently reading.  I enjoy this one-on-one time with the students.  We are all looking forward to making gingerbread houses next week and can't wait for you to see them next Friday.

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  • Week of November 18, 2019

    Posted by Julie Grabner on 11/22/2019 2:00:00 PM

    It's great to be back.  Students worked hard while I was gone, and they are excited to share their personal narratives with you. This week we picked up where Mrs. Ward left off with finding claim and text evidence.  In stations we focused on this skill, as well as practiced finding the main idea.  It was nice to meet some of you at conferences Wednesday night.  Just a reminder that conferences continue next week Monday and Tuesday.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  

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  • Week of October 14, 2019

    Posted by Julie Grabner on 10/18/2019 2:00:00 PM

    This week our main focus was summarizing.  We read two short stories, annotated while we read, identified the elements of fiction and wrote summaries of what we read.  On Friday, we took a test on all of these skills.  Stations focused on the skills of finding the main idea, summarizing, and writing good paragraphs.  Just a reminder that I will be taking a leave of absence beginning next, and I will return on November 14.  The main focus while I am gone will be personal narratives and finding text evidence.  Please feel free to email me with any concerns or questions as I will continue to check my email daily.  

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