8th Grade


    For the 2024-2025 School Year


    In keeping with District 47’s mission of Empowering All Students: Learners Today - Leaders Tomorrow, one of the main objectives of our math curriculum is to ensure all students have a solid foundation in mathematics so they can participate in higher level mathematics in the future. In addition, research shows that all students benefit from engaging in rigorous tasks related to critical thinking and learning in a collaborative, diverse environment.


    We also understand that a solid and deep understanding of High School Algebra standards, concepts and skills is central to students confidently moving forward in mathematics as they advance in their high school career. Additionally, we value each student as a unique individual with their own strengths and needs. We understand that an individual student may be ready to move more quickly through some concepts or may need additional time to fully grasp them.  High school math is rigorous and we want to set students up for success by ensuring they're ready for the next challenge.


    During the 2024-2025 school year, 8th grade students will be enrolled in one of the following courses:


    • 8th Grade Algebra

      • This course develops an understanding of algebra concepts through a study of eighth grade standards and exposure to a few high school algebra concepts. Topics include, but are not limited to:
        • Transformations and Congruence
        • Dilations, Similarity and Introduction to Slope
        • Linear equations and systems
        • Functions and Volume
        • Exponents
        • Pythagorean Theorem and Irrational Numbers


    • Algebra

      • This rigorously paced course develops an understanding of algebra through a combined study of eighth grade and high school algebra standards.

        8th grade standards topics include, but are not limited to: 
        • Transformations and Congruence
        • Dilations, Similarity and Introduction to Slope
        • Linear equations and systems
        • Functions and Volume
        • Exponents
        • Pythagorean Theorem and Irrational Numbers

          and HS standards topics including:
        • Polynomials
        • Quadratic Equations
        • Radical Expressions and Equations


    • Modified Curriculum with Individualized Supports

      • A modified math curriculum course that focuses on 8th Grade Math concepts and skills is also offered. This course includes specific supports for students with Individualized Education Plans and student placement in this course is determined by the student’s IEP team. 


    • Extended Curriculum Math

      • Some students, the majority of whom have participated in 7th grade Extended Curriculum math, may be identified for 8th Grade Extended Curriculum math by their 7th grade teachers. Student's placement in Extended Curriculum courses are reviewed annually.
      • The 8th grade EC course is the same as Crystal Lake High School District 155's Honors Geometry class, traditionally a sophomore level course. The Beardsley, Bernotas, and Lundahl teachers of these courses are secondary certified and follow the same curriculum scope and sequence and use the same resources and assessments as the high school. This course addresses high school Geometry standards and only students who have completed a full high school level Algebra course, and meet other assessment criteria, are eligible for EC Geometry

      • Eighth grade Extended Curriculum/Geometry math concepts for 2023-24 include:
        • A Beginning of Geometry
        • Introduction to Reasoning and Proofs
        • Triangles and Congruence
        • Special properties of Triangles
        • Quadrilaterals
        • Similarity
        • Transformations
        • Right Triangles and Trigonometry
        • Area
        • Surface Area and Volume
        • Circles and Other Conic Sections 


    More information on the ‘24-25 8th grade math courses and students’ placement notification is available in the following videos:


    Questions about the District 47 math program can be directed to Dr. Carolyn Stadlman, Director of Math, Science and STEM, at ckstadlman@d47.org.