• Social Studies Alive! Regions of our Country

    In Social Studies Alive! Regions of Our Country, students actively develop key mapping skills and take simulated tours of key sites in the different regions of our country. They  will study geography on topics such as climate, natural resources, and bodies of water and learn about the importance of these key geographical influences. The students will study of people and our country from the perspective of an economist, an historian, a geographer, and a political scientist.

    Social Studies Alive text

    Chapter 1: Discovering the Social Sciences

    Chapter 2: Exploring Regions of The United States

    Chapter 3: The Peopling of The United States

    Chapter 4: A Train Tour of The Northeast

    Chapter 5: Population Density and Life in the Northeast

    Chapter 6: A Boat and Bus Tour of The Southeast

    Chapter 7: The Effects of Geography on Life in The Southeast

    Chapter 8: A Crop Duster Tour of The Midwest

    Chapter 9: Agricultural Changes in The Midwest

    Chapter 10: A Big Rig Tour of The Southwest

    Chapter 11: A Case Study In Water Use: The Colorado River

    Chapter 12: A Van and Airplane Tour of The West

    Chapter 13: Cities of The West

    Illinois Unit

    We will learn about Illinois’ geography, history, government, and economy.