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    Teamwork!                              Polar Paws!

      We are going to have the best team this year.  I believe everyone is going to work together, respect each other, and treat each other with kindness.  To keep track of this and communicate with you, our TEAM JELEN is going to be earning Polar Paws for many opportunities and wonderful moments we will have this year.  You will receive updates when they are working hard, helping each other, and receive many photos throughout the days of projects, activities and lots of FUN to come!  Students earn our school and classroom Polar Paws throughout the day by completing their daily job, participating, helping others, staying on-task, being prepared, and more. 

      The Polar Paws will and may be used for Class Incentives that the class will create at the beginning of the year and may change throughout the year.   Here are some ideas of previous year's rewards:  Sit at Mrs. Jelen's Desk:  35 Polar Paws, Bring in POP:  25 Polar Paws,  No Homework Pass:  60 Polar Paws. 

       Our class even has another way to work as a TEAM!  We have a Class Polar Paw Jar.  The class will meet and discuss what "PARTY" they would like to earn and the goal (amount of Polar Paws it will take the class to earn this PARTY).  The class brainstorms ideas for the party and then, votes. The majority wins. We write the idea on the CLASS JAR.  THEN ....  we earn!   In the past, my classes have had movie parties, ice cream parties, board game parties, fort parties, technology parties, dress -up parties.   

        WE GOT THIS, CLASS!  I know we can do this!