• 6th Grade Syllabus (link):

    6th Grade Syllabus


    6th Grade Six Week Outline:

    -Human Development:

    Decision making, Time management, Peer Pressure and Bullying, Self-Esteem, Communication, Team work


    -Intro to Cooking:

    Safety and Sanitation, Cooking equipment and tools, Cooking terms/vocabulary, Nutrition basics, Measurement, Recipe reading/following directions, Application of basic cooking



    Reading care labels, Sorting, Machine settings,  Folding


    6th Grade Recipes:


    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Monkey Bread

    Orange Julius


    Below is a general rundown of how our 6 weeks are spent in 6th grade Life Skills class. Days are subject to change.

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Week 1 -Info Sheet-Syllabus-Find Someone Who… -Getting to Know You-How Full Is Your Bucket? -Self Esteem -Personal ShieldProject -Personal ShieldProject
    Week 2 -All About Middle School -Time Management -Communication -Decision Making -How Safe of a Chef Are You?-Safety and Sanitation Packet
    Week 3 -Kitchen Contract-Safety and Sanitation Packet -Safety -Safety and Sanitation Quiz-Measuring Notes and Practice -Dish washing-Kitchen Scavenger Hunt -Cooking Day Procedures-What’s on MyPlate?
    Week 4 -Table Manners -Cooking Equipment Packet -Cooking Equipment Packet -Cooking Terms-Lab Plan for Orange Julius -LAB: Orange Julius
    Week 5 -Demo: Monkey Bread-Lab Plan for Monkey Bread -LAB: Monkey Bread (make and store)-Measuring -LAB: Monkey Bread (bake and eat) -Demo: Day 1 Chocolate Chip Cookies-Lab Plan for C.C. Cookies -LAB: Day 1 Choc. Chip Cookies-Cookie dough demo
    Week 6 -LAB: Day 2 Choc. Chip cookies -LAB: Day 3 Choc. Chip Cookies -LAB: Breakfast -Laundry -Laundry