Each student, for safety and security, must have his/her own school issued combination lock and locker. Students are not permitted to change locks/lockers unless they have been issued a new one by one of the P.E. teachers.  If your lock has been lost or stolen, please report it to a P.E. teacher immediately. If the lock remains unfound, you will need to purchase a new lock for $5. Do not tamper with another lock or give your combination to anyone.


    ALL students will dress in the locker room. Books, purses, etc., should be LOCKED in the lockers during the class period. Students should not bring valuable to participation areas.

    1. NO food or drink is allowed in the locker room, track, or gym.
    2. NO glass containers are allowed in the locker room.
    3. NO aerosol cans are allowed in the locker room.

    All items brought into the locker room must be stored in your locker during class.

    RBMS is not responsible for items lost or stolen. All lost or stolen items need to be reported to your teacher immediately.


    It is expected that students wear their school issued P.E. shirt and shorts. The name block provided on the uniform will require first initial and last name of the student written in permanent marker. Lost shirts will be replaced for a $10.00 fee and shorts for a $10.00 fee.  Loaner shirts, shorts, and shoes will be provided for students who do not have them for a particular day. Details are listed below regarding the Physical Education Loaner System.  It is expected that students will wear gym shorts, PE T-shirt, socks, and gym shoes. During cooler weather, when classes are going outside for activities, students may wear sweatpants and sweatshirts, along with their P.E. uniform.  Sweaters, jeans, street jackets, clothing worn to school, or athletic team uniforms, WILL NOT be permitted. For the safety of all students, jewelry should not be worn during class.


    It is understandable that there will be occasions when students will forget their physical education clothes at home. It is important that students attend all classes; therefore the physical education department will provide loaner clothes; shirt, shorts, and shoes at no cost to the student. These clothes are cleaned after each use. Clothing must be returned at the end of the class period to the designated “dirty laundry bag”.


    Parent Notes

    A student may be excused from Physical Education class, for medical purposes, for up to three consecutive days with a written excuse from a parent.  If a student is ill or injured on the day of the class, he/she can still receive credit if the teacher is able to safely modify the activity/sport during that class period. Otherwise, the student will receive a zero for the day, but will be able to make up the missed days for full credit.

    How to make up classes:

    The student will have the entire term to make up any classes they have missed.  Make-up days will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays (the same days as the Activity Bus).  Each make-up class is 30 minutes (2:20-2:50). Students will schedule a make up day with their P.E. teacher and report to their P.E. teachers office at 2:20, dressed and ready to workout. The workouts are designed to reinforce the health-related components of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. One of the Physical Education teachers will be there to facilitate and supervise the students at all times.

    Students will fill out a make up card that will need to be signed by their teacher at the end of the 30 minute session.  It is the responsibility of the student to provide their teacher with the completed make-up card. At that time, the appropriate grade change will be made.

    When students are dismissed at 2:50, a parent or guardian must pick them up or they must go to 10th Inning.   All students must be accounted for and will not be permitted to wander the building unsupervised. If a student has another activity to attend (sports practice, band, chorus, etc.), they may go directly there after a P.E. make-up.

    Doctor Notes

    A student that needs to be excused for more than three days, whether by a parent or by a medical professional, must have a written excuse from a medical doctor or medical facility. Students who are excused from P.E. with a doctor’s note DO NOT have to make up missed classes.  

    If you are excused from physical education class, whether excused with a note from your parent or doctor, you will NOT be allowed to participate in similar events (after school athletic tryouts or activities, field trips, etc) during the excused period.


    Students will be allowed four (4) minutes after the passing bell to dress and report for attendance.  Students will be allowed four (4) minutes at the end of class period to change clothes. AT THE BEGINNING AND END OF CLASS, ALL STUDENTS MUST GO TO LOCKER ROOM AND REMAIN IN THE LOCKER ROOM UNTIL DISMISSED BY THE TEACHER.  STUDENTS WHO LEAVE EARLY WILL BE ASSIGNED A WRITTEN WARNING.