• homework

    *Read 15-20 minutes each night

    *Visit Raz Kids www.raz-kids.com/

    * Visit  IXL Math www.ixl.com/signin/ipe

    *Practice the Kindergarten High Frequency Words:

    a, am, an, and, at, can, come, do, go, he, I, in, is, it, like, me, my no, see, so the, to up, you, we

    *Practice addition and subtraction facts up to 10

    *Practice writing first and last name with proper EZ Write form

    *Practice counting to 110

    *Listen to storylineonline.net to hear actresses and actors read stories aloud.

    *Watch the Brain Pop Jr. videos

    *Collect “things” (i.e. coins, buttons, noodles) and estimate how many there are…then count them together!


    It’s a free app that calls out a letter from the alphabet and you tap on the letter…then the ninja cuts it in half. Hiii-ya!  FUN APP FOR LEARNING TO WRITE LETTERS, NUMBERS AND WORDS!!

    * Writing Wizard