School Social Work

    School social work is a specialized practice within the profession of social work. School social workers promote healthy social-emotional development. They work in collaboration with teachers, parents, and students to provide interventions/ideas directed at enhancing student performance. The goal of a school social worker is to work with the school and home on any area that interferes with student success.


    One role of the school social worker is to assist students in achieving maximum benefit from their educational opportunities by helping them to:


    • understand themselves and others

    • develop self-control

    • take responsibility for their actions

    • cope with stress

    • develop problem solving skills


    Another role of the school social worker is to help parents to:


    • participate effectively in their child's education

    • understand and meet their child's social and emotional needs

    • understand school and community resources that are available to help themselves and their child



    When there are areas of concern originating outside the school or where non-school issues may be affecting school performance, parents are encouraged to enlist the services provided by community-based agencies.



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