Units of Study/Writing:


    Students are continuing to work on their animal migration project and  are looking forward to sharing them with you. We still have some work to do but they are turning out great. Now that they know a lot about animals and why they migrate we are switching our attention to people who immigrate. We have been reading several books about immigration and how hard it was for some people to get to America.  Ask your child to share some of these stories with you. 




    We just finished our unit on fractions. This unit was much easier than the geometry unit we did. We spent a lot of time learning about equivalent fractions and comparing fractions. Ask your child to explain how they can use multiplication to find equivalent fractions. They thought this was pretty cool. Next week we will start our unit on measurement and data. We will start by learning about the different customary units of length and liquid volume. Then we focus on metric units of volume. This unit is quite long so we won’t finish with it until after Spring Break.  Students should also continue to practice their multiplication and/or division facts. Timed tests for multiplication and division will continue for the rest of the school year. 




    Science: All of the students are very excited to learn about Space in science. We have started out by learning about each of the planets. Did you know that the sunny side of Mercury can reach a temperature of 400 degrees fahrenheit and that Venus rotates in the opposite direction of Earth? These are just a couple of the interesting facts we have learned about the planets so far. We look forward to learning many more facts about the planets in our Solar System. When you come to visit our classroom in April for Open House you will get a chance to see your child’s Planet Book and read all about what they have learned.