• RTI - Response to Intervention

    Response to Intervention (RTI) is a part of federal legislation that aligns with D47's mission of excellence for all students. District 47's RTI planning focuses on providing high-quality instruction to all students. The progress of all students is monitored to determine the need for further instruction. Students who are found to be performing below expectations are offered additional opportunities to learn the skills they are lacking.


    Instruction based in the RTI model is powerful in many ways. Most notably, students in RTI schools don't have to wait for support. If they show a need, they receive supplemental instruction right away. The supplemental instruction is connected to what is already happening in the classroom, ensuring coherence and consistency.


    The instruction is typically provided in tiers. The amount of time and the intensity of the supplemental instruction depend on the nature and severity of the difficulties: The more severe the need, the more intensive the support.

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