• NWEA MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) 

    District 47 administers NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) MAP assessments three times a year (fall, winter and spring) to students in grades 1-8. Kindergartners take the MAP test in the spring only. MAP assessments help determine instructional levels and measure students' academic growth in the areas of reading and math. Below you'll find some frequently asked questions about MAP and links to additional resources.  


    MAP assessments celebrate students’ individual growth and achievement. By partnering in learning, we can have a profound positive effect on the lives of our students. If you have any questions about MAP, please contact your school principal.


    FAQs about MAP 


    What is a MAP test like?

    MAP assessments are computerized tests that uniquely adapt to a student’s level of learning. Questions increase with difficulty when they are answered correctly and decrease with difficulty when they are answered incorrectly. As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing. MAP assessments are fairly short, using minimal class time while still providing detailed, accurate information about a student’s growth. During this testing window, your child will spend a total of about two hours completing the assessments.


    When will I see my child's MAP scores? 

    MAP student progress reports are sent home with students shortly after each test administration in the fall, winter and spring. 


    How do my child's MAP scores compare to others?

    In 2015, NWEA released norms. Norms provide the context that gives MAP scores meaning by comparing a student's performance to that of a larger group of students. NWEA typically releases new norms every three to four years.   


    Given the new norms, a student's actual RIT and growth scores will not change but his or her typical growth score and percentile rank may differ slightly. This is a result of how large samples of students performed on the test in 2015 as opposed to students who took the test in 2011, which was the last time the NWEA updated norms.


    For general information about MAP, please check out the NWEA Parent Toolkit

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